Saturday, December 20, 2014

The McNeil Report Into Health Ministry Firings...How Thick And White Is The Wash?

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This thick and white....

From the 'Reviewer's Message' (i.e. the kinda/sorta executive summary) section of the 'review':

...This report is not intended to, and does not, answer questions regarding the specific allegations against the employees. Nor does it answer any lingering questions regarding whether any decision made about the employees was legally or factually sound. This report focuses exclusively on the process leading to the decision making...


Bob Mackin fully dissects the whitening and the washing, and in so doing demonstrates the complete and utter lack of accountability being leveled....Here.

Andrew McLeod, in the Tyee has the background on this that all British Columbians should be forced to read before they can vote next time...Here.

And when you read this stuff, please remember...

People's lives were ruined.



Anonymous said...

With wreckless disregard
Breach of fudiciary duty
Criminal code 217.1 in 2004 amendment .?rcmp?

Lew said...

Interesting that de Jong says the government accepts the report in its entirety but he’s still reviewing it. I recall him telling us four contradictory versions of the Basi/Virk payoff in its immediate aftermath, so I don’t put much stock in anything he says.

I also recall that he was minister responsible in both of these travesties, and note the triggerman wielding the pen in both was one Graham Whitmarsh.

Anonymous said...

how much did this scam report cost the taxpayers? another monumental waste of the publics money by the thieves in Victoria

RossK said...

But Lew--

The good Mr. Whitmarsh, after previously announcing that he would not take part in the review, is now apparently outraged, outraged I tell you, that gambling....errrrr....firings without prior legal consultation may have taken place in his former establishment without his knowledge and/or understanding (scroll down).


Lew said...

Ah yes, RossK.

In the current debacle Whitmarsh has his lawyer state, "If the Attorney General's office was making a distinction at the time between its involvement in the review and drafting of the dismissal letters and the giving of legal advice on whether there was in fact just cause to dismiss the employees, he was not made aware of that distinction."

In the BC Rail illegal payoff, he could well have his lawyer state, “If the Attorney General's office was making a distinction at the time between its involvement in improper plea bargaining in secret with the defendants and the giving of legal advice on whether the October 14, 2010 promise to have him sign the agreements to release was in fact an illegal inducement, he was not made aware of that distinction."

I hope he is compelled at some point to have his lawyer do just that.

RossK said...


Our hopes are very much in alignment.


e.a.f. said...

oh, people's lives were ruined. that doesn't matter, as long as Christy and her crew's lives are fine, that is all that matters. for all the b.c. lieberals could care a dozen people could have committed suicide and they still wouldn't notice, well except if they got lots of bad press, and that isn't going to happen in this province.

Anonymous said...

One question for premier and BC Liberals.
Heard of the ten commandments?