Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Lotusland's Real News, Served-Up With A One-Two-Punch.


Punch One....Norm Farrell's latest on PR-based proMedia 'journalism':

In the preceding article, I made reference to BC Legislative Press Gallery members producing commissioned articles. These are public relations pieces intended to serve particular needs of government or entities doing business with government. It is the kind of output that will ultimately be replaced by automated journalism. Mike Smyth’s recent Province column (on BC Hydro and IPPish-type stuff) provides an example...

Punch Two...Rafe Mair's response:

It’s damned near impossible to be civil! Read more of Farrell, read Erik Andersen, read Marc Eliasen, read the figures starting in 2002 when the Campbell/Clark wrecking crew took over – it’s not complicated and the numbers easy to comprehend. Only they and BCH seem unable to understand how to use renewables...

Go read/take them both (and then dish them out for all your friends and influential uncles....Here.



Anonymous said...

are bc libs engaging in moral hazard with coal mining and mining in general possibly knowing the public may foot the clean up bill and or electrical upon bankruptcy?
and cognitive dissonance,pushing LNG out the front door while offloading coal thru the BC backdoor?

Norm Farrell said...

Think the public will get stuck with the costs of cleaning up messes after resource exploiters extract the profits?

Of course. It is how the system was designed by both Liberal and Conservative Parties.

Creditors get priority over environment in Redwater Energy insolvency

Spyglass Resources receivership raises well abandonment liability questions

BC Liberals claim financial contributions to politicians do not purchase "special relationships" with governments. Evidence shows the opposite. (The first bill of Alberta's new NDP government banned corporate and union donations to political parties.)

You won't find much discussion of these issues among the old hands in the Legislative Press Gallery. They are too busy with corporate and Liberal PR.

Anonymous said...

well well


Anonymous said...

special relationships

Y'all need to read this from Alison at Creekside

It looks like a very straight forward Pay-to-Play with Colliers & Postmedia.