Thursday, June 16, 2016

What Is The Real Reason That Gordon Campbell Stepped Down As Premier?


After demonstrating unequivocally, once again, that resource revenues to British Columbians continue to be negligible under the Clark government's policies, even compared to those raised during the last doomed days of the Campbell regime, Norm Farrell has this to say:

...When Gordon Campbell announced his resignation in 2010, the underlying reasons were never honestly reported by members of the Legislative Press Gallery. Bad approval ratings played a part but Campbell was being pushed hard toward the door by money men acting for natural resource industries. Mining companies and gas producers saw public wealth gained by private power producers and they didn’t want to continue paying substantial amounts into the provincial treasury. Campbell was not sufficiently responsive.

Special interests knew their treatment would improve under Christy Clark. The numbers prove them correct...

Which, it would seem, is something else you won't be reading about in the local proMedia prints anytime soon.


Well, there is the following to consider, at least according to Rafe Mair, based on a comment he left for us earlier today:

...Postmedia has a written mutual masturbation agreement with the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers ( for a copy), the oil industry pays huge bucks to BC Liberals, their partners, the Sun, Province and National Post don't investigate Campbell/Clark and lay off stories unhelpful to it. The lying is not just what they say; even more it's what they don't say - deliberately...

I've already contacted Mr. Mair about his documentation.

Stay tuned.



the salamander said...

.. Gordon Campbell had a sweetheart deal with Stephen Harper.. the equivilance transfer of British Columbia's environmental oversight to federal control.. Next thing we knew, Campball was cavorting on the federal dime in London England, far from the barely concious BC press. It was all of a suite.. Peter Kent, the lame Min of Env, Keith Ashfield, the lame Min of Fisheries Oceans, Coast Guard, and Min of Natural Resources Joe Oliver, all folding into an uber Ministry under Harper & Ray Novak.. Screw the fish and their habitat.. they needed absolute free passage for fracking the nation.. especially BC & Alberta .. and those required pipelines & uninhibited access to freshwater and disposal of contaminated wastewaters.. supertankers and any related delivery systems - infrastructure all part of the grsnd plan of the smartest sellout in Canada - Stephen Harper

RossK said...

I've heard back from Mr. Mair...

More to come soon.


Grant G said...

Mr. K...I'm surprised you didn't know about the Post Media/CAPP mutual masturbation agreement..

I've known about it for sometime...

This Mr. K is the reason why I go after the media..

The Postmedia/CAPP agreement flows directly to our legislative reporting gang...Directly to Palmer..Smyth and Baldrey..

Those individuals have chosen employment and pay over ethical journalism...

Ethics...No, conflict of ethics..

Grant G said...

The below information was reported by Rafe Mair last year


"We will work with CAPP (Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers) to amplify our energy mandate and to be a part of the solution to keep Canada competitive in the global marketplace. The National Post will undertake to leverage by all means editorially, technically and creatively to further this critical conversation.

-Douglas Kelly, Publisher, National Post

The National Post is, of course, the flagship of the Postmedia chain of newspapers, Canada’s largest, which includes the Vancouver Sun and the Vancouver Province. This statement of policy by Mr. Kelly was followed by lengthy memoranda of agreement as to just how Postmedia and CAPP would cooperate.

In addition to this agreement, we have the formal partnership between the Province and LNG lobby Resource Works, set up by a former long-time senior editor of the Vancouver Sun to support and indeed shill for Woodfibre LNG – the highly controversial plant proposed for Squamish. With the Province being wholly owned by Postmedia, we can say that this partnership, along with the one with CAPP, is with the parent company.

Caught red-handed...."


That's why I keep pounding the LNG issue..

Big energy and our media personalities..they all march to the same drummer..


RossK said...

Thanks Grant--

I do recall the previous discussions of the agreement.

I just wanted to have a look at the specifics that Mr. Mair had on offer today, which he has sent to me.


Bill said...

The day Christy Clark announced her sexual assault story it took all the MSM headlines (understandably). That same day another very important story - conveniently for the Liberals, did not get covered by any of 'their' local MSM (suspiciously).

Shell announced they had decided to stop investment in their LNG projects (world wide) due to oversupply and uneconomic business conditions. This decision would terminate development of two north coast BC projects. The Shell BG LNG Project planned for Prince Rupert (virtually DOA after being taken over by Shell) and Shell's Kitimat LNG project (which had already delayed their Final Investment Decision to year-end 2016) would stop being funded. This reality is a major setback, signaling just how tenuous the start up and viability of the industry in BC is - another deathblow signal for LNG in BC.

The halting of all Shell LNG developments was reported in LNG World News, eastern newspapers and here in BC by Grant G. on his blog The Straight Goods. In the week since Ms Clark announced her assault there has been much follow up on that story and absolutely no mention on this bad news LNG story from any of the local MSM. A very significant LNG abandonment and what it foretells of future prospects went unreported.

I would venture thIis LNG bad news has not been reported because it it's not the kind of news the Liberal-captured and CAPP-funded MSM would be keen to highlight given their conflicted priorities. Certainly not the failed reality the Liberals want reported pre election.

RossK said...

Excellent point to consider Bill.



Scotty on Denman said...

There is no MSM. All of them have become pamphleteers that print what their masters pay them to print. But they make sure they look like newspapers---that's important, they need the money because the internet done stole most of their readers and advertisers won't pay near like they used to.

Will boycotting advertisers' products help? Naw, even if they bail, the big shots got it covered.

Anonymous said...

"Campbell was being pushed hard toward the door by money men acting for natural resource industries. Mining companies and gas producers saw public wealth gained by private power producers and they didn’t want to continue paying substantial amounts into the provincial treasury."

Ross, those were the same money men that had Campbell back-off from taking further anti-native action following the flawed Aboriginal Referendum in 2002.The Resource Barons did not want to seriously upset the native populace, because it could create a significant backlash and hinder their pillage of natural resources. Campbell then proceeded to curry favour with influential indigenous leadership to accommodate those same money men.

e.a.f. said...

And some say Quebec is the most corrupt province in Canada. I'd suggest its B.C. and we're more corrupt than Alabama which at least did take some of their politicians to court. ah, well the people of B.C. keep voting the B.C. Liebrerals into office, so we get what we deserve/vote for.

RossK said...


And that curry favouring worked out pretty well, even in Lotusland Central when the park land-jacking for (still-to-be-built) condos occurred.


Anonymous said...

Premier armour de camera?