Friday, June 17, 2016

This Day In The King's Land Of Condos...The Money Shot.


From Kathy Tomlinson's latest piece on the total gougification of Lotuslandian real estate, condominium division, in today's Globe:

...These types of flips are done by contract assignment, where the original buyer sells the contract to another buyer before closing. B.C. has brought in new rules that limit the practice for single-family homes, but condo presales are exempt...


I wonder why that could be?

The exemption on condo-flipping I mean.



Lew said...

Another in a long line of Christy's connected coincidences.

Anonymous said...

"Rennie says when it comes to housing affordability, Vancouver should step back and leave it to outlying communities like Burnaby, Surrey and Coquitlam." - Rennie's speech at Urban Development institute June 2 '16

In 2012 Mr. Rennie was appointed to the board of BC Housing - the provincial agency tasked with building and managing social housing; a direct conflict of interest. Looking at the website, he is no longer listed...?

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Rennie's record of leaky condos looks like; perhaps he was exempt from that too.

Anonymous said...

300,000 people to canada every year

Anonymous said...

23'51" China’s Millionaire Migration, SBS Dateline

What is SBS?
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