Wednesday, June 08, 2016

This Day In Clarkland: The Biographer Speaks About...

...Big Money.


Update, Friday June 10/16: To be very clear, I wrote this post before Ms. Clark's letter was published in the Vancouver Sun which I consider to be a completely separate matter entirely..My response to Ms. Clark's letter is...Here.

From the good Ms. Tyabji's recent interview with John Ackerman of CKWX:

"...So, you want to talk about corporate donations, don’t say, ‘What are the donors getting for providing big money in intimate settings in a private house?’ Talk about what your suggestion is of what should happen otherwise, like, ‘Are you wanting the taxpayers to pay for political parties?’ Say that. If you’re going to go after corporate donations, go after across the field. Don’t target this premier in that highly sexual way. That is highly inappropriate..."


First there is the pretzel logic about how super-secret big money meet-ups with the Premier and members of her government are actually saving us all money, which is laughable in the extreme. So much so that I won't even bother to go into it any further here.

But then there is the seemingly bizarre claim that the citizenry's call for an end to big money in BC politics is tinged with misogyny and sexism (which are themes that Ms. Tyabji brings up elsewhere in the interview by the way).

Why 'seemingly' bizarre, you might ask?


It turns out that this type of inoculation strategy was used to great effect by a BC Liberal party operative in the run-up to the last election back in the spring of 2013.

Laila dealt with that story more effectively than anyone on the Interwebz and/or the public prints at the time.

Unfortunately, the local proMedia was not willing to get to the heart of the matter in the way that Laila did.

And, just in case you missed it, Laila has a new post up about something else about the words, deeds and actions of the Premier's biographer and the BC Liberal government that is making her go.....Hmmmmmm. 



Chuckstraight said...

Quite the statement from Judi. Maybe she could look at what other provinces have done.
Many merely want an end to corporate and union donations to political parties.
It is very simple.

Anonymous said...


Tybabji: "Don’t target this premier in that highly sexual way. That is highly inappropriate..."

Diamond Isinger read from that play-book already Judi. Your cynical feminist positioning on BC Almanac (see link above), to justify your handsome tax-payer funded family employment plan, is just as transparent as your further attempt to co-opt the same argument to excuse your Benefactor, Fifty-Grand-Plus-Ultra-Christy's cha-chingy BC Crony Reward Club up-front pin-money.

Feminists don't trade on their sexuality. Feminists stand with their sisters, they don't betray the bond between women, neither at the political level or personal level. Feminists don't enable the exploitation of other women, whether in society or private life. Feminists choose men who do their own laundry.

"Newspapers across the country printed details about the "Liberal love birds."

At about the same time, Wilson's wife was quoted as saying she knew nothing about an affair and was "still doing his laundry."

Anonymous said...


Suffering from Faux-Feminist induced Rising Bileitis, …here is the BC Almanac link:

Lew said...

I wonder if the head sheep-skinner would suggest Amrik Virk felt targeted in a highly sexual way by Bob Mackin?

Anonymous said...

And, from the end of that CKWX interview...

"Actually, there was so much material, I couldn’t fit into book number three that there’s going to be a small book coming out in the spring [of 2017] that will have some other issues, some of the ones we just couldn’t deal with in this book. By we, I mean [publisher] Heritage House. Heritage House asked me if I would actually consider doing an additional small one, so yes, there will be a book number four."

Wonder if this will get counted towards BC Liberal election expenses - or is there still any cap on spending now...?

Warren White
Gordon Head, Victoria

Anonymous said...


W.W. thank you for spelling that out…I couldn't find the words to ask NVG that question.

Don F. said...

My Gawd!!!
Where exactly is all this sexual inappropriateness coming from???
Can anyone understand this ridiculous ranting? Sometimes we should look into ourselves rather than lash out at others, we are for the most part masters of our own destiny and if Judi Tyabji isn't happy ,,, too bad.
I could choose to tell you, Miss Tyabji, how i view your life experience thus far but I'm sure you must be aware that is not my place, nor do i find you important enough to waste my time. I must say this though, for you to emerge from your sheep farm to lash out at anyone who questions you or Christy Clark both of whom have chosen to expose yourselves with a life on the publics dime is inappropriate. Taxpayers have every right to inquire how their money is used down to the last penny.
There is a very old saying, I think originating in the bile, "Beware of wolves in sheeps clothing"
I don't think I personally could find a better example of what that means literally than pertaining to this situation.

Chuckstraight said...

Don F.- you nailed it -I could`t agree more.

davemj said...

Holy Crap!Stooped! idiots the pair of them,was Juedear booted out out of school also for cheating stealing!!!!? What a pair of f------- a------.I can only surmise but this book will only make matters worse for these two? my worry no one will read this garbage paid by our Governments.

North Van's Grumps said...
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RossK said...

Sorry NVG--

Don't see any evidence that this is not a made-in-BC phenomenon.

Anonymous said...


Clark's hollow performance of her HQ's latest, well-orchestrated re-roll-out of the charged "female as victim" narrative, works on at least two levels, first it functions to "soften" her callous "economy first, kids second" image. Second, it operates to distract from political damage post Tyabji, novella and Wilson's grandiose attempt to con 600 people into buying into an LNG plant on Saanich Inlet.

Christy's demonstrated lack of concern for homeless, missing, and battered women, reveals that she is unauthentic, and therefore her appropriation of Andrew Weaver's initiative holds no currency with me. Her handler's focus on this devastating issue is narrow, political and designed for maximum publicity and minimum disruption to the status quo.

Anonymous said...


Yup. Christy's HQ and Gawd both have a plan:

Sad Adrian Dix ‏@SadAdrianDix 4m4 minutes ago
May 2013, I was alone at Jambo Grill, when the waitress asked me who was joining me. "The BC voter," I said. I ate alone. #BCPoli #tbt

Don F. said...

Not a good day for NVG or me I suppose!

Anonymous said...



Les Leyne, just on on Daybreak South with Chris Walker, was very protective of Christy; a few times he reaffirmed how frightening CC's experience was. He concluded that Clark will have to back up her statements with funding for women…

Justine Hunter took the same cautious tone.

Neither commented on the online backlash against CC's motives or timing. Walker tried to go down that road, mentioning something about being cynical re the timing of her revelation after "the book", but was unusually and understandably guarded and pulled back.

Clever HQ, let's see how long they can milk this sacred cow.