Wednesday, June 15, 2016

This Day Along Highway 16: Finally...


...Something concrete is being done (via the CP):

A bus service will be available between Prince George and Prince Rupert by the end of the year on a notorious stretch of road known as the Highway of Tears, according to the B.C. government.

Eighteen women have been murdered or have disappeared along Highway 16 and adjacent routes since the 1970s.

Transportation Minister Todd Stone says agreements among 16 communities along the highway will allow B.C. Transit to operate a scheduled bus service, slated to start at the end of the year...

All for the cost of a lousy million dollars a year.

What, exactly, is our fine premier's private jet bill per annum again?



Anonymous said...

500kplus? plus heli

RossK said...

Ahhh, yes, the Heli....

Everytime I'm out walking the Whackadoodle where the North Arm of the Big Muddy meets the Salish Sea I shake my fist at the sky whenever a blue one passes overhead.

Just in case.

(always wave, friendly like to the CG 'copters though)


John's Aghast said...

What about the 'Orient Express'? Surely those Asian junkets aren't 'on the house'? Does she really travel commercial? Don't be silly, you say?

Anonymous said...


The Shameless have the pong of desperation upon them…Daybreak South is going live tomorrow in Osoyoos re the closure of the only high school…well, well, at the very last minute, Magic Christy decided to "save" it. Walker will still be going to O town to get the public reaction tomorrow.

Chris Walker will be posting this morning's interviews re reversal soon. Will post on the Gazetteer as they become available...

Chris Walker ‏@ChrisWalkerCBC 16h16 hours ago

Today's #bced news from
@christyclarkbc will make for an interesting live edition of

@CBCKelowna Friday in

The reprieve…Castanet:

"To help rural schools in British Columbia stay open, Premier Christy Clark announced a new Rural Education Enhancement Fund today.

Districts outside Greater Victoria, the Lower Mainland and Kelowna will be able to apply for ongoing provincial funding that recognizes the unique challenges faced in keeping schools open in rural communities. Trout Creek in School District 67 and Osoyoos Secondary School in School District 53 made the list.

“Closing the only high school or elementary school in a rural community has a large impact on that local economy,” Clark said. “With Canada’s strongest economy, it’s important that we make sure the benefits are shared by rural communities throughout our province to ensure they have the infrastructure they need to grow, attract talent and provide critical services like health care. Our rural education strategy will help us accomplish this.”

Comment on CBC Daybreak South Facebook page:

Margaret-Anne Turner
June 14 at 10:08am
Didn't realize you guys are visiting Osoyoos this Friday. Good! This OSS closure has galvanized this community like none other in my 36 years here. I fear some kid(s) will quit....for whatever reason....and that is the real shame of this decision. Don't know what else to say other than gov'ts and their citizens should be doing as much as possible to encourage school attendance, not the opposite. Our school boards seem to be not representing their electorate, but 'mouth pieces' for the government of the day.....the Liberals thinking "we didn't do it, your school board did."

sd said...

Also ,don't forget the whole delete, delete,delete scandal came to light over the Highway of Tears and Todd Stones office. I watched him declare over and over this year in question period that a bus service wasn't feasible. He offered up driving lessons to locals as an alternative. It will be easy to contrast what they've done up till now and how they are trying to buy back the votes with crumbs (especially education). I wish I could be in Osoyoos this Friday!

RossK said...

Thanks SH---Will follow-up on this...


Will most definitely not forget the Triple-D policy sd - thanks.


Anonymous said...

SH @ sd

Just in case you don't know, you can listen online during 5:30 to 8:30:

e.a.f. said...

buses for the Highway of Tears, must be a Lieberal MLA's seat might not have been as safe as they thought; same for more money for the high school in O.

After years of not caring, suddenly they are
"caring"? right about themselves and their jobs. they need the votes. Lets hope voters don't buy into it because what they give this month, they can just as easily take away with the first budget if they are re=elected.