Thursday, June 30, 2016

This Week In Clarkland...Two Wizards Talking (Behind The Curtain).


Wizard #1: How can we rile the Rubes this week?

Wizard #2: How 'bout 'Poor people sell their compass cards for money!'

Wizard #1: Don't be ridiculous.

Wizard #2: How about nurses? There must be some kind of board certification scandal lurking there somewhere.

Wizard #1: Maybe later. Too close to bogus real estate agent certification issues at the moment.

Wizard #2: Got it. Here's one I've been saving for a not-so-rainy pre-long weekend day....'Malls! Filled to bursting with teachers and their school board overlords shopping during Pro-D Days!'

Wizard #1: Brilliant. Let's call Mikey.

Wizard #2: Ya...Let's get Mikey...And then we'll mobilize the intern army, because...They'll do anything!


Intern Army?...Uncle Bob explains.
And then, of course, there is Marky Mark's Klout Klub.



Grant G said...

Mr. K....I don't normally cut n paste comments from another site...However, this comment below Laila's piece is spot on....


!? // June 30, 2016 3:31 pm at 3:31 pm // Reply

All the BC Liberal ’emergency’ school funding is a one shot get-us-through-the-election gimmick. There is NO sustainability or plan beyond May 9, 2017.



I do indeed like the above comment...there it is, the NDP election platform laid bare before your eyes, what better way to describe the BC Liberal government?

.What am I talking about..That comment tells it all..

BC Liberals govern to get through the next election, cold, calculated...let us go to 2013..Translink and transit..BC Libs pre-election shuffle and call for a referendum post election..Referendum failed, transit plan gutted..

2013 LNG hype, $1 trillion acomin...debt paid..$100 billion..sales tax gone..

No BC Liberal MLA believed that was to win the election, nothing more, nothing less..

Gordo Campbell's throne speeches..."The year of the senior"..The "year of the child"...

Gordo the climate change hero..da carbon tax..

BC Liberals govern to win the next election, no longterm thinking/planning...

"I won't sell BC Rail"..."I won't tear up contracts"

those be 2001 election promises made by Gordon Campbell..

in 2005 Gordon Campbell told the electorate BC was gonna be a exporting electrical superpower, enormous wealth..

Now our crown corporation BC Hydro is spiraling towards bankruptcy..

Gordon Campbell promised a new Surrey hospital through two elections..

Full Stop!!!!

Everything above...our media failed us, fast ferries and Glen Clark our media remember..skyrocketing debt and BC Liberal promises, not so much..

Funny eh...the big Christy Clark photo-op, the one from just a day ago...The real estate crackdown and coming in the near future, an ethical real estate gang..

And here we have a day later..Mike Bernier tells the VSB to sell a money generating asset...and blathers it to the public, and to all those big buyers and real estate sharks/flippers breaking a basketfull of protocol and rules...plain old bad taste and possibly harming the VSB's financial position....

What now, does the BC Government somehow FORCE the property sold, by authority of an appointed trustee?..By the authority of the upcoming BC Guv ordered audit?

Because Mr. K...

Here is how this puppy is going down...

Bernier and Gov..They aren't firing the VSB...They have ordered an audit..

The audit is going to say, ...(VSB is in a position to raise $10's of million of dollars, thus resolving budgetary shortfalls for the foreseeable future...)

After the audit is completed, once this information is advertised by/promoted by...Tom Fletcher..Baldrey..Smyth..Palmer..

Once the media wizards spin the audit numbers and promote the BC Liberal spin(VSB would rather be mall landlords than educators"...

then the VSB will be asked to vote on it...the vote will fail..

All this in the run-up to the 2017 election..

Gawd Ross K...These BC Liberals are so transparent..I can see the lies before they are spoken..


RossK said...

Great comment Grant - thanks.

And, yes, I agree with you that it's ALL about the 'wizardry' rather than the 'policy'.

Put another way (at least with all things asset-based and/or monetary)...It's like they're trying to turn the entire province into one giant credit default swap.

And if that seems crazy...Well...Panda Bonds!

Which has me wondering, especially given our Triple A credit rating, who is selling us short.

And don't forget how important bogus ratings, based on baseless fixed income markets, backed by bogus future earnings, were the last time default swaps helped take down an entire economy.


Anonymous said...

Patrick Blennerhassett reports in BIV that a Federal Appeals Court has said the Canadian government "failed in its duty to consult seven First Nations councils and bands – along with a number of advocacy associations" the result being "what some are describing as a possible death-blow for the Northern Gateway pipeline".

I don't follow it really closely, but I'm left wondering if this is at all similar to what's going on around Site C?

Anonymous said...

Here's the decision
Gitxaala Nation v. Canada, 2016 FCA 187
or .PDF/153 pages

Grant G said...

Well well well...According to this article, according to Mayor Robertson...For the first time 2015..

"In 2015, for the first time Vancouver collected more in school taxes($463 million) than it received in provincial funding($448 million)"

In other words...The VSB is providing funding for the BC Government...and ..

Property taxes is stable funding, year after year...

So..The VSB is actually funding the BC Liberal Government to the tune of..

$15 million!

Grant G said...

Further to my last comment..Empty Van condos, wealthy investor properties..Vancouver totally unaffordable for young families, unaffordable for all families...

Fewer and fewer kids in a city with more and more houses/condos being taxed..School taxes whether you have kids or

Now the worm has turned..Vancouver now collects, and hands over to the provincial governments more dedicated school/education money in the form of property taxes than it pays out...

So..riddle me this...Vancouver based public education costs the BC Liberal Government....Nothing!..

in fact...-$15 million per year!

Yea..time for some forensic auditing on the BC Liberals ..How much dedicated school funding was collected through property taxes in 2015 against how much is paid out!

Bob Mackin...We need your FOI apparatus turbocharged!

e.a.f. said...

guess some one wants the land all those schools and shopping centre are sitting on. It is very short sighted to sell the shopping centre, but then that is what the B.C. Lieberals and the ex are good at, the next party, the next election, the next big score. The shopping centre brings in $750K a year. If more school boards had that sort of investment they wouldn't have to rely on the cabal for funding. Selling anything is not in the long term interests of the children of this province. A government ought not to manage for today but for the future, 50 to 100 years down the road. the population of this province will double in 50 years. So what will happen then, when more schools, hospitals, librarys, fire stations are needed. Oh, ya, I remember the B.C. Lieberals sold all the public land to their friends.


In my opinion Christy and her ex are just dumb white trash looking for their next party.

davemj said...

The insanity of these A Holes,what the F makes these no life no moral low life think the way they do,don,t buy into the bull that Mark & Chrusty are not in kahoot,s they are the bottom feeders of society the sooner the population sees into these dwellers of the manure pits and vote these demons out maybe we can take back this plundered and raped province,Charles Manson Squeeky Fronm had as much class. think of the kid s that died in MHR care Family,s first oh yeah Karma trending Christy and company, You dont know what stop signs mean ,HEY YOUR SONG IAM LEAVING ON A JET PLANE you bet GOOD BYE,

Anonymous said...

B.C. government’s public education funding figures called misleading
Andrea Woo, The Globe and Mail

The British Columbia government says that public education funding is at record levels, but critics call this misleading, pointing to inflation and additional costs that school boards are now required to pay.

With the recent announcement of potential school closings in Vancouver, and last week’s deadline for B.C. school districts to submit balanced budgets, parent and teacher groups have been vocal in protesting what they say is the government’s chronic underfunding of the public education system.

...student enrolment has declined by 70,000 since 2001... 241 B.C. public schools have closed since 2002.

Anonymous said...

BC population 2016 = 4,707,021
BC population 2001 = 3,907,738
difference = 799,283