Friday, June 03, 2016

This Day In Clarkland: The Sheep Farmer Speaks To British Columbians about...


Via Rob Shaw's piece in the VSun:

Premier Christy Clark’s hand-picked advocate for liquefied natural gas says British Columbia has a “moral obligation” to develop the industry to save the lives of Chinese residents dying of air pollution.

Gordon Wilson, the controversial former leader of the B.C. Liberal Party, made the comment during a heated presentation to a crowd of almost 600 people in North Saanich this week, many of whom had attended the community meeting in opposition to a proposed floating LNG plant in nearby Saanich Inlet.

“So let me just say this, when you’ve got 500,000 Chinese dying each year attributed to air pollution specific to coal — and somebody finds that funny, I don’t,” Wilson said, interrupting himself to shoot back at a heckler...

That word...

I do not think it means what the good Mr. Wilson thinks it means.




And, as you might expect, given who is paying Mr. Wilson to say these things, there was also this:

Wilson’s comments were greeted with a mixture of applause, laughter and boos by the audience. In an interview, he said he was trying to point out that we are all global citizens who have a moral obligation to address climate change, but it was difficult to get the point across while he was being heckled by a small group of protesters he said repeatedly show up at his events.

“I certainly didn’t mean to lecture anybody and was certainly not trying to be disrespectful to anybody,” he said. “But I’ve now hit 37 different communities and you hear the same materials presented which are factually incorrect … at that point I think it detracts from the merits of the entire discussion.”...

To which we can only say, based on actual scientific analysis done by actual scientists and rigourously peer reviewed by other scientists that actually know something about the science...


...Assessment of the full impact of abundant gas (obtained by fracturing) on climate change requires an integrated approach to the global energy–economy–climate systems, but the literature has been limited in either its geographic scope or its coverage of greenhouse gases. Here we show that market-driven increases in global supplies of unconventional natural gas do not discernibly reduce the trajectory of greenhouse gas emissions or climate forcing. 


...Our results show that although market penetration of globally abundant gas may substantially change the future energy system, it is not necessarily an effective substitute for climate change mitigation policy...

Honestly, I do not understand why this paid shill is not dismissed, out of hand, by the local proMedia every time he opens his mouth...And speaking of purveyors of 'he said/she said' journalism...Why didn't Mr. Shaw go to the actual science instead of seeking an 'opposing' view from the politically opposing side, thus furthering the false equivalency?
Charlie Smith digs into the curious (proMedia-free) case of Mr. Wilson and his partner in biography, Ms. Tyabji....Here.
On the Twittmachine, PSquires notes that Mr. Wilson lost the crowd in the first two minutes, which is a good thing...But, never underestimate the deflector spin power of a lightning rod, no matter how woolly-headed.



Anonymous said...

4 billion for massey bridge for corprate coal welfare transport access?
how much coal exported from roberts bank and n van by second narrows bridge ot yexada island?

e.a.f.. said...

Let me be clear. I DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT COMMUNIST CHINA. I care about B.C. and Canada.

our government's first responsibility is to Canadians, not some foreign government which got pissed with a Canadian journalist who asked about Human Rights in China and was rude to the British Ambassador and polluted the hell out of their own country.

China has a pollution problem of the first order because their government caused it. they didn't implement rules or if they were implemented they were ignored. they threw lawyers into jail for representing farmers and fisherpersons who tried to fight the companies and government regarding polluted rivers which we so bad, if you stepped in one, you had skin infections and that is going back to the 1980s. there are enough old documentaries around at CBC and Knowledge network on the subject.

One was about an environmental lawyer in china who would not go out of the country to accept an award because she knew they wouldn't let her back into her country.

if China wants to improve their environment they just need to do what other countries have done. I'm sure German corporations can tell them how to do it.

There are rivers in China which are so polluted people can't drink the water, wash their cloths in it, irrigate with it and if they protest, they get thrown in jail. So Gordon Wilson, we aren't to blame, the Communist Chinese corporations are to blame. Do not expect Canadians to clean up China and foul their own country to do it. there are countries in the world which might need help to clean up their enviornment, but China is big and rich enough to do it themselves. No one is buying your bullshit.


(o.k. that is my rant and feel free to edit it, I just can't)

Crankypants said...

This Rob Shaw article also appeared in The Province, print edition, this morning. It even ended with a reference to the Judy Tiabji, taxpayer sponsored book on the Photo-op Queen.

The question is, was this a legitimate article or an advertorial?

Hugh said...

LNG will clean the air. It also removes stubborn stains on the carpet and it makes your hair nice and clean and shiny. I use it every day myself. Step right up. Get some BC LNG today, don't miss out.

Don F. said...

It was only a few short years ago Mr. Wilson was warning us about the dire effects of LNG on the planet and the foolhardy path it would be to get involved seeing the price it would fetch.

This should be a case study in how a person of certain character will sell his soul for a few bobbles.
He should have stayed on the farm where people had forgotten at least his shortcomings.

Anonymous said...

More bull s#$%, er sheep dip, from the "rational thinking" behind the BC Liberal propaganda machine. Pure Garbage.
Exports? Step right up Gordon, you and your wife are a great commodity for China! Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity. Anyone who can spread this king of propaganda, definitely has a great potential in the Peoples Republic.
While your at it, take the photo Op Queen with you. I'm sure they'll find "something" for her to do.
We as a country have to stop voting "for stupid" and "export" the "clowns" in the "dog and pony" show. Enough of this crap! Export the three of them!

e.a.f. said...

Hugh, if that LNG makes your hair nice, would you send the message to Christy, the poor woman has to do something about her hair. Then perhaps she can sell it in china. Some of their "standards" aren't that high. they even added things to milk which killed children.

Anonymous said...

The emperor has no clothes and is back over to where most of the premiers time is spent outside of BC .Is BC becoming the new province of china.?
some schools ,every year, expanding esl classes in schools.In Some schools in BC is english the lesser used ?

BC libs and Mr Wilson dont have the moral authority to even govern yet promote gas while they shovel the coal out the back door.

Welcome to BC where an ontario charity ,with 2 million dollars,helps out BC teenagers on their 19th birthday before some age out and try to hurt themselves.while BC libs give a yearly 213 million dollar tax break to the top 2 percent

CSIS boss warned Canadians about foreign influence on politicians.
pay to play?

BC Libs have run the BC debt ,in 2002 at 32 billion dollars and now at 66 billion dollars in 2016.Not including contractual obligation or 4 billion for Massey Bridge and 10 billion for site C

In BC ,since 2002 more people have died probably than any other time,of a party in office due to BC policy changes.?

Stephen said...

You know it is easy to name call and label people but there is no getting away from seeing that the sociopaths currently have the winning hand and they will get away with as much as they can unless they are stopped. That is how they work. Sheep shit sniffer showed us his true colours a long time ago and like that chameleon sociopath Campbell they keep on transforming. The ability to say anything without shame is a telltale sign and Christy, and thereby thefresr of the stooges have been sayung inane things and they get more and more inane because if you say it enough it legitimates it in the public discourse. Trump is a case in point. God help us if we do not heave them. God help us if we let them define the public discourse. It is intended to push your emotions and twist your thinking. Wilson's statement is a classic. Weasels. The trilogy and its metaphor for these dark neoliberal times.

Anonymous said...


Apparently, this small town Mayor, isn't inhaling any BC Liberal "sheep shit", unlike most of his UCBM confreres:

MLA’s grandstanding the worst kind of politics | Osoyoos Daily News… via @osoyoosnews@bced@bctf@bcpoli
Excerpt from the Osoyoos Daily News: Mayor Mike Capol:

"What MLA Larson did to our community this week is nothing short of self serving political grandstanding at the expense of our kids and they’re hopes to attend school in Osoyoos.
What MLA Larson did exhibits the worst of politics and the kind of disingenuous nonsense that frustrates constituents and turns people off from engaging in politics.

The message that MLA Larsen delivered could have been done in an op-ed or in a meeting with Council.

Her press release and need for an audience was for optics only."

Lenin's Ghost said...

What bullshit. There are a number of huge LNG projects coming online soon in Australia that will be feeding the Asian markets. BC LNG will not be financially viable just due to the shipping costs.
This is one of the reasons why many of the LNG corps are backing away from BC.

davemj said...

I hope some how that e.a.f.statement gets to bullBalderdash so he can rearhole creep to the China Queen in her jet with the land barons and her bull shit band the people are finally getting that we are all getting boned.Instead of catering to China we better stand up to there suppressing Govt. The disrespect they showed the reporter and Dion !? and to us as a country.Without the west buying there cheap trash,and ?able material used they would go broke.
Let them worry about there pollution which they are not.Wilson the wondershit and the mindless club.

Anonymous said...

As my Aussie/Kiwi rugby buddies say - "sheep are liars" Apparently, it rubs off on the farmers too.....