Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Keef Report...Bashed Up The Side Of The Head By Tiny Soup Pot.


...Wielded by, surprise!, a fellow member of the Club (National Div'n):


Is it possible that irony was just taken off life support by the Top 'O The Hashtag Twittmachinegorithm (as of 5pm Saturday June 11/16)?

Blatch-assisted, irony-induced afterglow?....It would appear that the Keef's social media gotcha baiting is now firmly on the side of operative.
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North Van's Grumps said...

Will Adrian Dix disclose that while riding on the Canada Line by himself he was accosted by two men in uniform with handcuffs and threatened his political life out of him? Bill Bennett, the Younger, reveal that Gordon Campbell spat on him while they were out behind the barn... oh wait ... he already disclosed that. Will Justin Trudeau declare that he was battered as a child, while learning to box? Will Ken Boessenkool, former Chief of Staff, fast step out from behind the privacy of his bush planted by the Premier's Office because he was an employee?

Christie Blatchford is right on the mark with her column.

Chuckstraight said...

Sure wish Baldrey would just join the Liberal Party of BC and become their spokesman.

Anonymous said...

Here is CB's column

Let me also be brutally frank.

Such a disclosure made by a politician with the third-lowest approval rating for premiers in the country (according to a February Angus Reid poll), who is facing an election within the year, ought to be met with at least a soupçon of cynicism.

And that doesn’t count the fact that Christy Clark was the first to praise Christy Clark — “I wish I’d had the courage to say something then. I do now,” she wrote — and thus laid out the framework in which she sought to be seen.

Baldry attended Ken Boessenkool's golf tourney after Boessenkool sexually assaulted... was the Keefer signalling his support for violence against women?

JasonS said...

Sexual assault happens millions and millions of times each day around the world to women and children , people are terrible beings sometimes... most times imo. That is a fact for sure, however in Christy's case the real tragedy is that she is so tainted with so many scandals and cases of her doing and saying anything to cling to power that many people question her motives for telling this story. I would wonder if it was the NDP that tabled the bill and not the "Christy is a single mom trying to survive on 200k a year" Green party would we even have heard her story?

Grant G said...

I don't often agree with Blatchford...However, she is bang-on..

I bet almost every child in Canada has a story of being grabbed, or touched by boys, being sexually teased, unwanted sexual talk...

Christy Clark was not sexually assaulted..The man(?) may have been a plain old killer not interested in sex...

I will also bet that most male children can claim being grabbed, or touched.. mention of this is Judy's book...

I believe, because the Christy Clark book went over like a lead balloon, in the spotlight for 30 seconds then silence..Christy Clark wanted more spotlights on her..

Sorry Mr. K...Christy Clark's story rings hollow..

As for Keith Baldrey....

It really is time for Keith to come clean about his BC Liberal promotional bias..


In my opinion...Christy Clark's 35 year old story has done her more harm than good..

BCers don't believe her....Because...factually, Christy Clark wasn't sexually assaulted, in fact she wasn't even physically assaulted, she was allegedly grabbed..

Not that i'm pursuing the story...I would like to know the exact address of the incident...Was there even a thick hedge there, a thick hedge with a steep slope behind it...Hedges are usually in front of a house, or business, what house,who lived there at the time..Hedges are usually not planted in front of raw un-owned land, land with a steep slope behind..


Lew said...

Seems Keef didn't major in tectonics.

Len said...

Keef should be charged with sexual assault for trying to screw everyone in the province

Don F. said...

The fact that Christy Clark was as she says, sexually assaulted or just physically assaulted is not the issue we should concern ourselves with. This happened 37 years ago when she was a child. We need to be concerned with the grown up Christy Clark now sitting as premier of this province, a powerful position that has great influence on peoples lives sometimes as we have witnessed lately to the point of life or death for the poorest unfortunates among us.
We need to understand that she is a politician many see as inhumane and ruthless in her policies concerning the poor. Her clawbacks of funding for rape crisis centres, her treatment of the elderly and disabled, her careless abandon of concern for communities under siege with their water supplies under attack. It is only reasonable under these conditions for the public to question her motives.
Is this in fact an attempt to make the inhumane seem humane? I don't know but timing is everything in politics.
What I do know is that in an interview yesterday on CBC radio, every caller spoke of working in rape crisis centres or sexual assault help centres or legal aid. Every one stated that this government has clawed back funding drastically. This government is totally missing in action when it comes to providing relief and aid to those in most need. All ask her directly if funding would return to pre Clark times, to each the answer was no, not at this time. I take that as a never!
So has Miss Clark had an epiphany, has she decided to be more humane towards the downtrodden forgotten members of our society? It doesn't appear so.

Don F. said...

Worth listening to in it's entirety, the arrogance shines on like a bright light.

Lulymay said...

In the well documented coverage of her "biography", Judy Tyabji was quoted as saying about Clark: "She was overtly sexy and had a personal magnetism that drew people to her.....". I didn't hear any objection by Ms Photo-op regarding that statement in a story I read. Another thought crossed my mind. If I had been "attacked" in the manner Clark described, would I as an adult and politician be traipsing around the province wearing provative low cut attire, winking at the opposite sex and leaning towards the camera at an angle that offered views of my "bounty"? I think not. I would have been living in fear that I might again be attacked by someone and that it must have been my fault. This whole story smacks of just more of her cynical politicking in order garner a few more votes. Can anyone spell "pathological"?

North Van's Grumps said...

Just for clarification, three months before the last provincial election Premier Christy Clark championed the cause of Pink Shirt Day - "bullying stops here".

In a Jon Ferry's February 2013 column he disagreed: 'Pink Shirt doing more harm than good battling bullying".

In steps Christie Blatchford yesterday pointing out that the Premier wasn't Raped 37 years because she was not sexually assaulted (intercourse). Blatchford also points out that with an election less than a year away, and having the third lowest rating in popularity of premiers, the disclosure 'should be met with at least a soupçon of cynicism'.

Jon Ferry's column from 2013????? Premier Clark provided a definition on bullying which goes to explain what really did happen 37 years ago.

'She (Premier Christy Clark) pointed out that, according to experts, bullying is a “persistent effort to harm another person that gives the perpetrator pleasure.”.'

Could some intrepid reporter ask the Premier: Were you bullied?

e.a.f. said...

Good on Christie Blatchford. would like to have seen a few more attitudes like that regarding Christy Clark's various comments, etc.

Keefe, well who pays attention to the old boy any more. O.K. there might be a few people left in the Province who don't recognize him as a Christy Boy, but what he "twits" out, its just not taken seriously, he's just "funny".

Scotty on Denman said...

Christy's best defence against charges she's ulteriorly motivated in making such a conspicuous and provocative statement is that it has probably hurt her politically.

It can't be politically beneficial to invite charges that are so well grounded by a litany of similar occasions over Christy's twenty-year public career as Opposition critic, minister, premier-without-seat and, most recently, cheerleading star of a moribund and decadent government---a caricature of smirking, self-congratulatory disingenuousness earned assiduously at every opportunity including, it's widely alleged, this one: a curious megaphone meta-parliamentary-"yay" supporting a private member's bill tabled in the Assembly some time beforehand by a fringe party's sole MLA. Her confession could not help but be noticed---evidence of Christy's real, ulterior political calculation, critics say---but making it also can't help but underline some of her most unappealing characteristics: grandstanding, fibbing, whopperizing, bragging and other debits to the sincerity side of the political ledger.

It must also hurt politically to effectively admit her government doesn't have something better to showcase than a risky appeal to a personality-cult whose reputation consistently raises suspicion almost automatically. IMHO, if there was self-serving political calculus involved, it was poorly thought-out: though the topic is worthy, even the allegation of cynical opportunism cannot help but yield a net negative for Christy---and that has almost entirely to do with her own long record of single-mindedly seeking political advantage, with bells on her blinkers, no matter how much it might distract or detract from the ostensible vehicle.

Anonymous said...

Thank God I wasn't the only person that thought the whole story smacked of a desperate attempt to gain a sympathy vote. The timing stunk. I'm waiting for Weaver to sell his soul to the Liberal devils for some puny trinket.