Wednesday, June 22, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...The Sound Of (Media) Silence.


If you listen to CFAX 1070, which is a BellGlobeCTVEverythingElseMedia property, in the early afternoon you may have noticed that Ian Jessop is no longer there.

Thus, in addition to other things, you no longer get to hear intelligent, fact-based discussions of the goings on in Clarkland.

Especially when Norm Farrell was on.


Puget Sound Radio reckons Mr. Jessop has been 'terminated':

A usually well-informed source passes along word that Ian Jessop has just been terminated at C-FAX Victoria.

The talk show host in the 1-3 pm slot M-F has in recent months had his show repeated daily from 6- 8 pm. So one would assume he had been held in somewhat high esteem...



Something else?

The real tragedy of this is that Mr. Jessop is/was the ONLY local 'lectronic media voice that consistently looked hard at, and spoke the truth to, the Clark government...
TipO'TheToque to Alison at Creekside for the heads-up.
Seems to me that a weekly blogger-driven BCPoli podcast might be in order...Maybe something like, say, the following which was a discussion of  BCRail back in the days when the court case was heating up (i.e. just before the Six Million Dollar Deal brought it all to screeching halt) with fellow blogger 'TheReverendPaperboy' on his 'Maple Syrup Revolution' pod:



Kim said...

This will mark the last time I listen to that station. Shame!

Grant G said...

One can't help but be suspicious of higher(upers) pulling some financial strings to silence the only real radio critic of the BC Liberal government...

Ian Jessop presented hard facts, presented Norm Farrell..

This has a familiar smell about the run-up to the 2013 election..

CKNW banned me from calling in, ...They also removed Michael Eckford...

coincidently....Michael Eckford, in one of his radio promotional segments, actually had The Straight Goods blog highlighted(it was quite the compliment)...Eckford, on his short lived show.. talked LNG and informed listeners on many occasions to visit The Straight Goods blog for all things LNG...

Then.....Silence, I was barred from calling in and Eckford was suddenly gone..

How does that BC Liberal motto go...

"we only cheat when we can't win".....'s a little inside the numbers secret info for you and your readers, and a little positive insight from the Persuader...

Internal polling has Christy Clark in real trouble...BC Liberals in general are polling very low...many close ridings that went BC Liberal are in play...BC Liberals are attempting to buy forgiveness...

Also, LNG promotion from the BC Liberals has been ordered silent...Coleman wants out too...

BC Liberals are banking on their media friends to forget all about the LNG 2013 election gambit...

Lastly...If it is true and the powers that be wanted Ian Jessop silenced for political reasons..

That means we're winning, and that means Norm Farrell is being heard..

And that Mr. K....Is a good thing..


RossK said...

I hear everything you're saying Grant.

I think, however, that it may be time for us to construct our own megaphone.


North Van's Grumps said...

A visit to CFAX website podcasts doesn't seem to have Ian Jessop archived, but, but there's always the Cloud sourcing

Alison said...

Kim said...

I phoned CFAX. She ( the gate keeper) confirmed that Mr Jessop is no longer employed there. Referred me to news director, Heather Kim.

Alison said...

Merv Adey contacted Ian

Anonymous said...

holy, moly

Ian Jessop gone?

We live in a MSM wasteland. I have only started tuning back to Cfax.

And CBC-BC has been a lost cause since Trudeau Jr. got elected. No comments allowed and relentless conventionalism.


e.a.f. said...

lets see that takes a lot of media out of play. There is Chek news on Vancouver Island, which is independent, perhaps people who are interested could do a show there, even if we had to buy the time. Would I pay to see Norm, Ross, Laila, etc interviewed by some up and coming reporter/journalist? You bet. Set up the go fund bloggers on t.v. and the check will be forwarded.

We'll know how much trouble the B.C. Lieberals are in if they decide not to go to war with the Vancouver School board. We heard the Minister of Education rattle his sabre, very softly, but I doubt the board heard or cared. I think they know they're on a roll. So who knows. There isn't much money to toss around so I think Christy is hoping no one is around to say anything or remind anyone of her previous promises.

I'd suggest we watch her if she starts selling Crown Land to finance her re-election chances. That at this time is the only source of fast money available to her. el gordo did it. It will "balance the budget" and deliver a few babbles to try to hang on to a few seats. We could of course see Christy announce suddenly she wants to spend more time with her son..............Oh, right el gordo is on his way back isn't he.

photo op queen took a few days and headed to Dawson Creek and area to promise $65 Million after the flood, but did want Trudeau to pay his part. Guess she doesn't have the full $65 M. A couple of natural disasters and tis province could be out of money. Time for every body to be very quiet and hope the voters go to sleep.

Lenin's Ghost said... I smell a "rebel radio" station from some old tub off in international waters? I would be open to doing a punk/ska program with a weekly rant in the mix.;-)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of silence, where the heck is the NDP? Are they keeping their powder dry, or asleep st the switch? I can't remember the last time i saw Farnworth or Horigan speak on TV, I am beginning to forget what they look like.

Anonymous said...

SH @ anon 6:15 am


The Christyites have grown bolder while the NDP have been "laying on the ropes". The unbridled, "unchallenged" BC Liberals have confused silence with non-action. Their accelerating hubris has removed any doubt about their character; and so, a ground swell of public outrage has been ignited from what was merely smouldering discontent. The impatient among us were waiting for someone out "there" to do something... British Columbians are starting to see that we have to take the BC Liberals down ourselves — we can't leave it to honest politicians alone, to fight Corporate Pharaohs with endless resources, lies, and their stable of media wh*res.

2. From the pages of The Art of War, Machiavelli and Napolean...The NDP have removed themselves as a target…"The Party of No" fell flat, so now the target has shifted to Christy's Achille's Heel: Education, and her disdain for it. This may very well cost her enablers their ridings as school closures are juxtaposed against moral and Corporate support for Christy's Pro-Dependence Schools.

Anonymous said...


Tributes to Ian Jessup:

June 21, 2016 - 9:11 pm
Bill Vander Zalm

Ian was always one of my very favorite people. A friend, totally committed to what he was charged to do. We will miss hearing him, a voice of reason, on the radio.
Bill Vander Zalm

Rafe Mair June 21, 2016 - 8:31 pm

Of coarse Ian is a first class guy and I must say a friend of mine going back to my CKNW days. The important thing, however, is that he was a first class, honest and tough talkshow host who took no shit from guests and pressed his questions until he got a responsive answer. The tragedy here is that CFAX has demonstrated that the Beancounter Faction have won and that the days when the sainted Frank Griffiths owned CKNW and dedicated free speech people like Ted Smith and Ron Bremner held that “free speech” was NW’s stock-in-trade are gone forever, beaten by the money boys whose object is to offend no one. The courageous owners are long gone – in the print media they have entered into mutual masturbation pacts with the fossil fuel industry and have dedicated themselves to support the Liberal government. No serious criticism is tolerated. We have lapsed into a “soft” dictatorship where if you go along, you will get along.

Ian Jessop was a breath of fresh air in that stifling atmosphere. He asked tough questions and pressed until he got an answer. He was a throwback to the era of honesty, courage and a sense of honour, of what was right and wrong.

I warned Ian, on and off air that the bastards would get him and to their eternal discredit they did. But Ian, while it doesn’t put bacon in your pan or a cold one on the table, you can hold your head high and know that those who matter, hold you in the highest esteem. Jack Webster would be proud of you. For what it’s worth, I’m proud as punch of you.

Never forget, old friend, that you are in the pantheon of honest media people who called it as you saw it and while you may feel down a bit now, you have respect, the respect of the people who count, those who listened to a man who spoke freely and expected them to do the same.

The weasels who don’t know what real journalism and free speech mean, took your job and your money and paid for it with their self respect.

You are a credit to our profession.

sd said...

Great idea e.a.f.CHEK news would be a great place . In the valley we have CIVL radio from the UFV. I wonder If we could have a "current events" show here? Obviously Crusty wants to muzzle any dissent. I'll bet Drex will be gone soon unless he starts to tone down what little criticism he provides.Thank god we have some "idiot bloggers"(Ross).

Anonymous said...


In my frenzy to get back outside to plant the last of my vegetables before the warm Okanagan rain falls, I forgot to provide the link re Ian Jessup's tributes.

Puget Sound Radio:

davemj said...

We cant let this sort of crap go on,these media corrupt money grabbing dictators along with our sociopath poor excuse of a premier and her inner circle of her psychopathic ministers of the crooked table.It reminds me of Alex Tsakumis blog how long ago he was hitting the nail on the head with these scoundrels i remember he told of an incident when he was dropping his child off at St Georges and a luxury car pulled up along side a prominent individual pulled along side him and told him to lay off her.Alex was strong i wonder if he go threats i understand the cops and he had issues come back and join the force again Alex.To the rest keep up the great work your doing and thank you!

e.a.f. said...

You Tube is out there. Saw Christy's ad on it. Now it might be time for some one else to do a show there. Might be fun, lets see an old, old man who fly fishes, for all those who like to fish, some scientist who plays guitar, a blonde who lives in Surrey and writes, there is a former accountant who does a blog WITH A lot of cool charts, and perhaps they can ask that slightly over weight former t.v. reporter, who writes the blog to ask some questions. it would make a fun band if nothing else. could some one hand out the guitar, spoons, bonga drums......