Tuesday, June 28, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...A (Very Different) Tale Of Two proMedia Club Members.


Remember back when Stephen Smart was the legislative bureau chief for CBC British Columbia and an uppity blogger by the name of Norman Farrell lodged a complaint with the corporation that he, Mr. Smart, had been put in a position of potentially being in a conflict of interest given the fact that his life partner's job was to control the flow of information from the office of the premier to reporters covering the legislature?

And remember also how the CBC's ombudsperson, Mr. Kirk Lapointe came to agree with Mr. Farrell and the similar complaints and concerns of others?

And remember, too, how the local proMedia howled with protest, from the Vancouver Sun's Craig McInness to Global's Keith Baldrey, and many Lotuslandian proMedia club members in between?



Fast forward to the present and ask yourself how many of those same club members have howled since Ian Jessop was fired from CFAX last week just as he was about to start unclogging the legislative info-flow in earnest.

Done asking/scratching your head?

Well, you can always use the Google.

To find.



Merv Adey has an excellent contextual post up on why the firing of Mr. Jessop is so problematic for members of the Lotuslandian citizenry that would like to learn what is really happening in Clarkland these days.
And where is Mr. Smart plying his stock-in-trade these days?...Well...You know.
A funny thing about all that howling over the Smart/Pointy affair back in the day...The Keef actually proved the point about the conflictyness of the thing when he was trying to, as is so often his want, demonstrate the opposite. 
And here, via Laila, is some very good news...Indeed.



Anonymous said...

Has Ian Jessop had anything to say about his job loss?

RossK said...


Not in public that I'm aware of.


Anonymous said...

Ian isn't able to talk about it. He told me why, and we have to accept it. So we have to take our own inferences, at our own risk of course - Merv

RossK said...

Thanks Merv--


Anonymous said...

Is Ian Jessop catholic?
http://vancouversun.com/news/staff-blogs/pope-francis-asks-why-famous-journalist-terminated Maybe he could appeal to a higher authority ;)

...and a 'Thanks' to Merv.

RossK said...