Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bowland Responds To Hahn


There sure was a huge media stampede to repeat and whirlitzer-up David Hahn's statement yesterday that former BC Ferries Safety Officer Darin Bowland is, to put it mildly, truth-challenged.

Heckfire, even we had something to say about it.

Funny though how few corporate media outlets have commented, even in passing, on Mr. Bowland's response, which was also made yesterday.

So, in the interest of fairplay, not to mention to help try and get everyone's statements on the record for the day of reckoning which is sure to come, here is the press release from Mr. Bowland's lawyers.

VANCOUVER, June 14 /CNW/ - On behalf of Captain Darin Bowland, Lawson
Lundell LLP has filed a lawsuit in BC Supreme Court against BC Ferries. The
Statement of Claim was widely circulated by the media yesterday.
The President of BC Ferries, David Hahn, was interviewed on The Bill Good
Show (CKNW) this morning about the lawsuit and we have now had an opportunity
to review his comments.
Our response at this time is to simply state that: (1)Captain Bowland is
recognized as having an impeccable reputation in relation to maritime safety
matters; (2) Captain Bowland stands by all the allegations made in the
Statement of Claim;(3) Mr. Hahn's statement that Captain Bowland did not
advise senior management of the company about his safety concerns is totally
inaccurate; and (4) we are confident that the litigation discovery processes,
both documentary and oral, will fully support Captain Bowland's position.
In the meantime, Captain Bowland continues to cooperate with the official
investigations underway by the Transportation Safety Board of Canada and the
RCMP, as he is anxious to have the very serious concerns about the safety
protocols and practices at BC Ferries fully addressed and dealt with by the
appropriate authorities.

Please note point #3.

That is all.

For now.


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