Friday, October 20, 2006

Why Do The Screamers Hate Ol' Saint Nick So Much?


As one who is always interested to see what the next amped-up, yet patently false, pejorative thrown at thinking, caring sentient beings down in Who-ville will be, I couldn't help but notice that the latest seems to be S.P.

Which, apparently stands for 'Secular Progressive'.

It is a term that the the screamers, and most prominently Bill O'Reilly, are now spitting out between sneering lips because it sounds, they hope, like a very, very scary condition that is way worse than that other term that starts with a 'p', ends with an 'a' and rhymes with Ophelia.

The thing is, if you believe it is important to be nice to all people regardless their race, creed or religion (ie. you are secular) and if you also think it's a good thing to help folks out whenever possible (ie. you are a progressive) and if you work on, say, the wee hours of the morning of December 25th, wouldn't that make you, ummmmm.........

Santa Claus?

And gosh, wasn't the 'War on Christmas' Mr. O'Reilly's, and his Antler Dog's, lame attempt at framing nice and helpful people that boomeranged on him last year?


No wonder it's like shooting fish in a barrel for Mr. Olbermann.


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