Friday, November 03, 2006

Orwell Shrugs.....

.....In Penticton*?

From the sharp quill of on-the-spot reporter Sean Holman:

North Island provincial Liberals have been distributing goodie bags in support of their salmon aquaculture resolution. Not surprisingly, that proposal - which calls on the party to continue to "support a risk managed, science based approach to salmon aquaculture" - passed unanimously earlier this afternoon (at the Liberal's biennial convention in P-tikitown).

But just what is a risk-managed, science-based approach to fish farming anyway?

I have a pretty good idea, but why don't we check the views of a self-declared expert in the field:

.....In an interview following that vote, the constituency association's event chair Barb Walker explained her riding introduced the resolution because, "In the North Island and the North Coast, (aquaculture) is a huge economic input into our communities." "You know what - I've been to a lot of fish farms. And, you can tell by looking at them, where science is missing we need to use some common sense. Our eyes can tell us what we see. And we see clean, well-run farms. And, if you look in the systems, the wildlife that is growing there is just absolutely phenomenal."

Well, I guess so.

As long as you consider sea lice to be both risk-managed and phenomenal.

Because there is no doubt that the little critters in the 'systems' certainly are scientific.


*Just don't tell Paladin .........Have gun will travel......


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