Tuesday, November 07, 2006

We All Owe Michael J. Fox Now

..........Late night, Tues Nov. 7th, 2006

(updates below)

The fate of the free world tonight came down to a previously obscure Senate race in the southern U.S. State of Missouri.

I say previously obscure because this is the race that Michael J. Fox made famous by supporting the Democrat, a woman, Clair McCaskill because she had the guts to make Stem Cell Research an integral part of her platform.

The TV ad that Fox made was no-nonsense, hard-hitting, eloquent and uplifting all rolled into one.

In other words, it was what American exceptionalism once was and can still become again.

And for all that Rush Limbaugh and the Screamers lambasted Mr. Fox, most venomously by flat-out stating that he was faking the symptoms of his advancing Parkinson's disease.

The latter actions were the polar opposite of exceptional. In fact, they are all that is banal, brutish, and wrong with what America has become but does not have to continue to be. And these actions of the 'Axis of The Venal' were made all the worse by the fact that mainstream media outlets gave them serious airplay and even more serious consideration as talking points which, in turn, gave considerable credence and respectability to outright slander.

But in the end this crap didn't matter.

Because Mr. Fox soldiered on with grace, wit, humility and sincerity which is, of course, the exceptionally Canadian side of his character.

And now?

Well, McCaskill has just won, by a whisker.

And in so doing she appears to have swung the US Senate to the Democrats, who have already taken control of the Congress.

Thus, George Bush can no longer threaten the Constitution of the United States and all the peoples of the world, unchecked.

In other words, if not outright impeachment there will, at the very least, be a measure of oversight now.

And for that we all owe Michael J. Fox a huge debt of gratitude.

Here's hoping full U.S. federal funding for ethically-approved and fully monitored Stem Cell Research is re-established immediately.

And I'm sure there are some hugely proud parents in Burnaby British Columbia tonight.

And I'm not talking about the Keatons or the McFlys.


Update: Of course, it could all come undone if Conrad Burns in Montana manages to get Smithers and the Henchfrogs walk off with the field with home base in a pine box.
DoubleSecretProbation Update: Wed morning......Democrat Tester has been declared the victor in Montana by....wait for it.......FOX News!
Triple-O Sauce Probation Update: Wed morning.....The oversight has begun!......Reports are rolling in that Rumfsfeld will resign today. The Rovians know they are operating under a whole new reality today, and in this case it truly is one of their own making. And it's name is fear.


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