Thursday, November 02, 2006

Rolling Up Their Own Rim.....

....To Win?

Well, whadd'ya know:

“VANCOUVER/CKNW(AM980) Nov 1/06” - The president of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation is seeing red after learning the cost of setting up a Tim Horton's coffee shop in Afghanistan was almost four million dollars.

John Williamson says the restaurant chain giving Canadian soldiers a taste of home in Kandahar should be footing the entire bill.

“Tim Hortons is receiving a massive P.R. benefit from this whole entire venture.”

Speaking on CKNW’s morning news with Philip Till, Williamson says he's also concerned Canadians could end up paying more than two million dollars each year to keep the shop open.

In a way I guess we should be filled with Canadian pride by this little taxpayer-supported enterprise because unlike, say, Halliburton, by all reports THInc. is doing a great job of consistently delivering brown coloured fluid to our trooops that does not contain any sewage whatsoever.


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