Sunday, January 28, 2007

Swiftboats Come To Canada


John Kerry was a Vietnam War hero.

George Bush was a man who did everything he could to avoid the Vietnam War.

So in the run-up to the 2004 election, what did the Rovian's do?

Why, of course, they invented the 'Swiftboat Liars For Truth' and turned Kerry's greatest strength into his greatest weakness while simultaneously portraying 'The Avoider' as 'The War President'.

And the disaster that ensued is something the United States will now spend decades and trillions of dollars trying to correct.

Not to mention lives.


Arguably, Stephane Dion's biggest political asset is that he has demonstrated to Canadians that he truly believes in real environmental legislation.

And until about a month ago Stephen Harper, as he demonstrated so well to his base (see: Ambrose, Rona), was a well known his anti-environmentalist.

But all that has changed now, just in time for that most hallowed of Canadian days - SuperBowl Sunday:

Canadian Press
Pulished: Sunday, Jan 28, 2007

OTTAWA -- The Harper government is set to unveil TV attack ads against new Liberal Leader Stephane Dion on Sunday.

CTV News reports Secretary of State for Multiculturalism Jason Kenny will launch the ads at a briefing in Ottawa.

Sources tell the network the commercials, which will air during prime time and the Super Bowl, will mock Dion's leadership abilities and his environmental record.

Clearly, this 'stratergy' was test-marketed with that little bit dual citizenship codswallop that the herd media bit on, bigtime.

So now it appears that the Cons have been emboldened to the point where they figure they can win it all by going all the way down the Rovian Road and creating their own reality by pushing really big lies as abject truths.


No wonder they want to do away with the CBC and bring FOX News to Canada.

But the really big question is the following......

If Canadians are fooled by all this crap and we end up giving the CPC a majority, how much will it ultimately cost us to correct the disasters they will no doubt heap upon us during the ensuing years and decades?


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