Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Time To Send 'Em All Back To The Reformatory

....Before There Is A Mushroom Cloud Over Fort McMurray?.....



First off, the Reform-A-Tories started us down the Vichy Road in earnest (see: Lumber, Softwood).

Then they let it be known that all press access would be granted on the basis of fealty, preferably of the snivelling kind (see: Rove, nee Buckler).

Then they signalled that it was time to double down and play the Frame Game for the duration (see: Luntz, Frank; b/w Dion as 'The Traitorous French Guy').

Then they decided it was high time we start putting ten year olds in jail (see: Toews, Vic).

Then, while he was busy telling us to be very afraid of absolutely everything, the Minister for Fear Mongering also informed us that a top secret 'Deep Integration' meeting was not actually secret after all (see: Day, Doris).

Then they started buying votes by handing out golden hockey sticks (b/w the stupid $100 a month destruction of Universal Childcare)

Then they ripped off our Peacekeeper Patches and fitted us for Warmonger Boots happily worn by Condie's latest bitchin', hot coffee swillin', Dance Card(board cut-out) Partner (see: McKay, Peter).

But all of that was nothing compared to the latest antics of ......

'The Gang That Couldn't Kill Canuckistan Fast Enough'.

Because now, apparently, they are fixin' to blow us all up, real good, in an effort to liberate even more oil in the Northern Homeland Security Zone:

Federal Natural Resources Minister Gary Lunn raised some eyebrows last week when he not only gave a big thumbs-up to the idea of using nuclear power in the oilsands, but suggested that the building of a nuclear reactor to help power the huge resource extraction was all but inevitable.

"It's not a question of if, it's a question of when, in my mind," said Lunn, who added that he had unspecified "discussions" last week on the idea, presumably with oilsands companies.

Lunn noted that nuclear energy is "absolutely emission free" and "CO2 free" and that it can help replace natural gas and other fossil fuels currently being burned to extract other fossil fuels from the tarsands.


With reasoning like that one can only wonder - what's next?

I know.

How about polonium strips to light our driveways at night and keep our teeth shiny and bright?


Is this not a textbook example of why it is time for a vote of non-confidence like, say, yesterday?

And, as Big City Lib, who was our original link source for this story, points out, Mr. Lund's 'Eve of Destruction' approach to liberating fossil fuels has been used before to spectactular effect, except for one teensy, tiny problem....the resulting natural gas was so radioactive that it was completely unusable.


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