Friday, November 09, 2007

The Heart Of Pacific Spirit Park To Become Condos!


So, as we detailed below, the plan is to rip a second parcel of land out of the heart of Pacific Spirit Park.

And what will become of it?

Well, according to Musqueam Chief Ernie Campbell it will become condos, sometimes known euphemistically as 'multi-family housing'.

The Musqueam will receive title to a 13.8-hectare section of Pacific Spirit Park, south of Marine Drive adjacent to the Musqueam reserve, and to an 8.5-hectare parcel of land in the middle of the endowment lands adjacent to the university's own housing developments.

Musqueam Chief Ernie Campbell said the band plans to develop multi-family housing on that land similar to the mid-rise condos already in the area and manage 1.2 hectares of that parcel as park.

Remember when Premier Gordon Campbell apparently told members of his constituency that park land would not be sacrificed to save the Golf Course, a 'solution' that had been floated by one of his fundraisers who, by all accounts, also loves fairways?


(with a side of outrage, of course)

Update: And no, this is NOT a treaty.


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