Thursday, November 08, 2007

Is Any Park In This Province Safe?



Apparently a deal has been struck.

And it looks like the good Mr. Campbell is giving up University Golf Course AND a chunk of the Park.

A deal has been reached that will see the Musqueam First Nation Band given the University Golf Course, millions of dollars and a portion of Pacific Spirit Park, CBC News has learned.

The deal includes the 50-hectare University Golf Course, located on University of British Columbia endowment lands, 14 hectares of land from Pacific Spirit Park, which is adjacent to the current Musqueam location, plus millions in cash, sources said Wednesday night.

In return, the Musqueam have agreed to keep the course open for up to 40 years.

Funny, don't you think, how no one is talking about whether or not the Park will get a grace period from the Developers' chainsaws.

And even more importantly - does not this set a very dangerous precedent?

Sorry to be so cynical (again), but the old olfactory system is sending signals, perhaps truly odiferous, perhaps phantom, in nature. As a result we seem to be catching a whiff of deflector spin in the air that may or may not be emanating from the swingers of the creme.


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