Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Stranding....


The latest on Lotusland's 'Golf Course vs. Parkland' debate from the Nov. 2007 (pdf) edition of 'The Hampton Journal':

On October 18th, under
questioning from NDP MLA
Shane Simpson (Vancouver-
Hastings), Mike de Jong,
minister of aboriginal affairs
and reconciliation, said in the
legislature “we are rejecting
outright” the proposal by
Vancouver park commissioner
Marty Zlotnik that 125 acres
of the park be swapped for
University Golf Course in a
land transaction underway
between the government and
Musqueam Indian band.

In contrast, on October
24th, again under questioning
in the legislature by Mr.
Simpson, Mr. de Jong said
specific discussions focused
on a 30-acre parcel of land
in Pacific Spirit Regional
Park have been “taking place
for some time involving the

The minister called this
parcel of land, which runs
beside Southwest Marine
Drive from the ‘Lookout’
monument to the reserve
“stranded” from the main
part of the park. “It is a parcel
of land that the Musqueam
have had an interest in for
some time, and as I indicated,
it has been the subject of the
discussions and negotiations
that are ongoing.”

Now it's important to realize that in the beginning it was just the Golf Course.

Then a group of creme de la creme swingers made a fuss and asked that the park be thrown to the Developers' wolves instead of their beloved fairways.

And now it looks like it could be both.

Which just might make some of the more cynically inclined among us wonder if this really is an unintended consequence.


For background on this bit of bizarrity that could be worth billions, please see here and here .


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