Saturday, November 14, 2015

Does Ms. Clark Have Another Justin Problem?


The preamble, from the (here's hoping) newly invigorated MoCo:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has called for a moratorium on crude oil tanker traffic for B.C.'s North Coast.

Trudeau outlined the directive in a mandate letter to Canada's transport minister, Marc Garneau, on Friday. In it, he asked Garneau to formalize the agreement with three other ministries: fisheries, natural resources and environment...

{snippety doo-dah}

..."This ban ends the dangerous Northern Gateway pipeline proposal," said Karen Mahon, from ForestEthics, an environmental group that advocates for the protection of B.C.'s coast. "Without tankers, crude oil has no place to go, that means no pipelines, no oil trains moving tarsands to the northern B.C. coast."...


Why is this a potential 'second Justin' problem for the Clarklandians, etcetera?


First there is the potential of riling up that most debased wing of their base into 'independent' action.

But this?

Well, this hits the cronies with the mostest  right in their faux free market breadbaskets.


The next thing you know, the Justinies will start asking for real environmental assessments for megaprojects and actual true open bids for transit infrastructure.

Whatever will the cronies do then?

And what will the local puffed-up punditry have to say about this latest abject failure of Ms. Clark's completely made-up Sparkle Pony dreams?....Hmmmm....Let's see....Have they blamed Dave Stupich for anything recently?



Anonymous said...

He (David Stupich) introduced the Agricultural Land Reserve bill, which saved thousands of acres of farm land from the paver.

Len said...

Geez,maybe the released scientists will start telling the truth about fishfarms,then how will we survive, no oil pipelines or fishfarms....golly i don't think we'll make it

RossK said...



Eco-Commie...No wonder NGateway is being killed...It's all his fault.



I think you just may be right.


Lew said...

Christy Clark February 24, 2011:
"We've got tankers going up and down the St. Lawrence for heaven's sake. I don't know why we'd ban them necessarily off the west coast."

There’s a lot you don’t know Christy.

There’s a lot we don’t know, as well. About what you and your band of cronies and sycophants have been up to with our provincial resources. But that’s on you. We’re trying to educate ourselves, but apparently the dog ate your notes. Again.

John's aghast said...

"...the dog ate your notes." What notes?

Unknown said...

This is interesting considering that our Christy was historically a dyed-in-the-wool Federal Liberal and Justin appears to be purposefully shunning her. No hockey stand photo ops like Harper used to enjoy. I can't remember any example of a photo where Trudeau and Clark are even in the same room. Sheesh! Maybe Justin inherited more than charisma from his Dad

Chuckstraight said...

Maybe Justin realizes that Christy is poison?

e.a.f. said...

the kid isn't stupid. he knows best not to be in the same room with the queen of photo ops. he has cabinet ministers here in B.C. who are well aware of her act. I'm sure that nice federal cabinet minister from Vancouver=Granville will have some things to say when the enquiry into the missing/murdered women starts and B.C. has triple deleted the notes.

What are Christy's "friends" going to do? move on to somewhere else and find new friends, because Christy maybe gone shortly.

It will be funny if anyone asks her about all the raw sewage going into the Pacific Ocean from Victoria, day in and day out. When you think about all the noise they made about Quebec needing to do it for a short time period, to repair things, you do wonder why they don't make the same noise here in B.C.

Might be a nice article for Baldry and Fletcher to write about. .....ya not going to happen.

RossK said...

I dunno about all of this now...I see the good Mr. David Anderson is onside with this...Can the Marrissinites be far behind with some 'alternate' stratergy out of another port?


Anonymous said...

no lake water advisory .dump?

Anonymous said...

Lulymay said...

Maybe I've got it all wrong, but I truly believe that there is a group of 'men in grey suits' that actually run this province. They ran Gordo because that was easy: just make sure there were enough ladies available and booze to drink - no problem. They also made sure Cristy got the leadership because she already proved herself in the BC Rail scam, so no problem, she's on side; easy to manage. So what do they do if Kevin Falcon - who I believe still has a hunkering for the premiership - wants to come back in? I mean, have a look at the BC Lib horizon. Who would these grey suits want? Coleman is toxic and not likable except in Langley. Polak is hopeless as is the Prince George princess. They don't have anyone that the suits can promote. That means going OUT into BC Lib Land to find someone palatable. The question is: Can the voting public be fooled again? and will the NDP blow or not blow another election opportunity? This is a giant question and I don't think the normal voter can even guess where the hell we're going with it next time. We are in serious debt; we are losing jobs and there is a large segment of our population are feeling pretty hopeless these days.

e.a.f. said...

Who would the grey suits find? Good question. Perhaps no one. The MSM doesn't report much about any thing so do people even know how bad it is in the province. We were just treated on Monday to another photo op of Christy in a hard hat giving congrats to some company for creating a few lousy jobs

People don't care about triple deleting or dead kids in care

Bet their next "fun" thing will be building a "new P3 hospital in Richmond. In the mean time she will sell the land it sits on to try to "balance " the budget before the election

Will the BC NDP recover? First they have to get out there and work and get their faces into their communities. Then they might wAnt to do what Notley did,hire Gerry Scott insteAd of an eastern firm

Anonymous said...

SH @ Luly May and e.a.f.:

My guess is the Puppet Queen, will be left in the glamorous dust of someone who is a a well-connected, BC celebrity-hero, someone, who is "clean" of the mire of BC Liberal politics and someone who is known for their "sunny ways"...

...someone like Rick Hanson -- London Gord and Rick go way back....lots GRICK photo-ops on Google...

and now, ...this:


Rick goes sturgeon fishing on the Fraser River with Rick Hansen in Mission, BC

Anonymous said...

Justin problem? Naww Beiber has SOME morals and standards as to who he associates with. ;^)

I doubt that most anyone with any sense of decency and honour would want to associate with that barrel of monkeys. I have high hopes for Trudeau and as I watch, I'm not feeling much disappointment.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Marissen-ites and the refinery by the port of Prince Rupert... Mark M is still going ahead...He believes the tanker moratorium will applu only to dilbit, not to refined product..Merv

Lulymay said...

I saw the Rick Mercer segment. Unless things have changed though, Rick Hanson's foundation was spending more than they were taking in and he had a problem re tax deductions with CRA with regards to the valuation of his 'name' domain. Being friends with Lord Gordo doesn't 'tick' any boxes in my book. I've come to the conclusion we need to give IQ tests to all who want to run for politics, just for starters, but good luck with that - the results would get delete, delete, delete, anyhow!