Wednesday, November 11, 2015

This Day In Clarkland...Will There Be A Justin Problem?



Pretty soon, I reckon, Ron and all the Obvious ones will be telling us how our fine Premier is doing a boffo job over in Paris.



And/or this...

...(At the end of November) arguably the most significant climate negotiations the world has ever seen will begin in Paris — and Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau plans on being there with a gaggle of premiers in tow, a show of Canadian representation unimaginable in previous years.

The COP21 UN-led climate summit is organized around one seemingly impossible outcome: a binding international climate agreement to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius.

B.C. Premier Christy Clark said she has been planning on attending the negotiations for several months. “I’ve already booked my ticket,” she said in a statement e-mailed to DeSmog Canada, adding she’s “delighted” Justin Trudeau will be in attendance...

After all, there is no such thing as upstream LNG emissions and, besides, obviously it is Carol James who is responsible for any and all greenhouse gas emissions in this province (not to mention IPP gouging) because of that plane trip she took that the Club members hated back in the day.



But here's the thing...

While the herdish members of the Club that Vaughn built will very likely do their jobs and change the channel for Ms. Clark as the lead-up to the big event in Paris builds, one can only wonder ifall of the ensuing cozying up to Mr. Trudeau just might make the beast that is the base of her party whose bile has been pumped so many times in the past by all the usual suspects, start to see blue all over again.

And if that happens, do Marky Mark, the Third Man, and the Wizards of Wave-Everything-Away Place already have a spike/spin/smear strate(r)gy in place to kill off any such uprising, tout de suite?

Just asking.



Anonymous said...

Clean air? Clean water?

Montreal just dumped a kajillion tonnes of raw sewage into the river in the hope of jumping the infrastructure queue... Victoria has been dumping raw sewage for ages, so Christy should have those dollars sewn up.

How she's going to justify to Justin her horrendous record on sewage is anybody's guess... the BS comes out of her mouth so naturally she doesn't recognize it for what it is? perhaps?

Lew said...

So Christy is delighted Justin will be in attendance. That’s nice, since she’s going as a member of the delegation he’s leading. One wonders what role she thought she’d play several months ago when she booked her ticket? At that time there were still three possible Prime Ministers with different action plans in play. Would the role and eagerness of the provincial premiers have been the same under each?

Nevertheless it should be interesting to see the reaction in Paris to her government’s example of action on climate change. A government operating entirely without paper.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

To shore up her talking points our premier must surely be in contact with her glorious predecessor in London. Unless, of course, he is too busy packing to give her some of his precious time.

Hugh said...

In BC we take money out of schools and hospitals in a carbon scheme the previous Auditor General described as not credible. So the BC govt can then proclaim itself 'carbon-neutral', while expanding highways, opening coal mines and promoting LNG.

e.a.f. said...

don't forget all those run of the river projects which really did ruin so many river.

then there is Christy's love of killing bears. she must love killing them because she hasn't stopped it. Perhaps PETA can beat her to paris and spread the news.

I'm sure Christy will look lovely in Paris, in her blue tight jacket, stripper heals, bad botox, hair like she stuck her finger in the light sockets. yes lets see her on the international stage. once the Europeans stop laughing we can only hope she can keep her mouth shut, on the other hand, it might be helpful.

Marky, yes, marky and the murkies. I'm sure those who wants Trudeau to be more than a one term P.M. will keep him informed of the Christy show. There are a couple of Cabinet ministers from B.C. who might not remember her with fondness, starting with the new Minister who will over see the formation of an investigation into the murdered/missing 1,200 First Nations women. what was it again about deleted e-mails concerning talks about the subject and the lack of a bus service.

if Trudeau and his people are smart they will keep a very long distance from the queen of a province with 4 dead kids and no comments.