Thursday, November 12, 2015

This Day In Clarkland...Fisking The Local Media Herd On It's Response To The 'Triple Delete' Strategy.


Tom Fletcher and The Keef recently tied themselves into pretzels in the public prints writing puff pieces wrapped in faux outrage paper packaging designed to mollify a pretend fed-up electorate.

Merv Adey takes them to task and gets right to the heart of the matter that neither Mr. Fletcher nor Mr. Baldrey would even think of touching, let alone writing about:

Tom Fletcher and Keith Baldrey, and others, have been around as leading members of the Press Gallery in BC since before the fall of Glen Clark. I point that out because I recall how relentless the pursuit of Glen Clark was by media over the casino/deck scandal.

Each of them released columns about the “Triple-delete” scandal this week, which were full of logical failures and a more general failure to identify the problem for Christy Clark’s government...

{snippety doo dah}

...What the “Triple-delete” scandal has exposed is an effort among the political arm of Clark’s civil service to avoid accountability for themselves and for Clark herself pre-emptively. To argue that FOI laws should not expose the inner workings of government when the buck stops with the politicians (always at some future date) is nonsense. We have FOI laws precisely so that we might know how the government works in our interest because we pay for it. In part, we have FOI laws to ensure that the government is considering evidence in its decision making, and what that evidence has been.

And what’s been exposed is a rational, pre-emptive, far reaching, intentional, breach of FOI law. And for that, the buck stops with Christy Clark. The buck stops today, not in May 2017...

Nuff said?

And I know I've been away from the Bloggodome for awhile working double-time on my day job...But Loukidelis?....Really???!!!...One can only wonder....When the good Mr. Loukidelis' report comes down and some non pol-type folks (i.e. the Rubes) get really upset, will the Wizards call in Mr. Plant to explain to them how nothing could have possibly been done wrong because...Well...Procedure!



Markerbuoy said...

Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see your column back! Although I see you've been posting comments on Merv's blog (interesting read, thanks for that link).

Let's call a spade a spade, it is criminally incompetent for the government to have no records on the health firings and driving a man to suicide.

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e.a.f. said...

Well Glen Clark was a socialist and we know they all want something for free. Then we got el gordo, who got a lot for free and so did his friends Today Glen Clark is the President of the Pattison Group and it doesn't get any more free enterprise than that. El Gordo is still on the public trough in England. Wonder how Trudeau will bring that piece of baggage back to Canada.

of course the b.c. lieberals got all sorts of help from the media when Glen and his deck hit the t.v., including the timing. Now of course that the free enterprisers are at the trough, don't expect them or theirs to leave any time soon.

Deleting government business, just keeps them in business as it does the two nit wits who pass as journalists, but provide more bird cage liner than most. Must want to go write for the National Post.

those two dimwits, passing as journalists will continue writing as they have, even if they found a cabinet minister, having sex with their secretary on the premier's desk, while emptying the provincial cash machine.

its why we read bloggers and alternative media. Don't expect anything like the facts from Fletcher and/or Bauldry. Old has beens which need to go out to pasture, but they do provide a useful service to the b.c. lieberals.

4 dead kids in care and the latest, they'll arrest the parents if they talk about it. doesn't get much sicker than that. The voters of B.C. were promised 100K jobs and trillions in the provincial coffers. All I see is nothing--deleted e-mails, dead kids, a cabinet minister who can't answer even phone questions, no money in the coffers and line ups at Life Labs, who must have a near monopoly on lab work and a huge profit, must be tens of millions. Can't get an appointment unless you have a computer--discriminates against seniors and the poor. No secretaries in the offices to take questions. Its take a number, wait a couple of hours and then nothing. Nice going Christy. Sure all her friends are doing well and Baldry and fletcher keep pushing the computer keys and spreading the bull shit.