Thursday, July 07, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...Marky Mark's Awesome Afterschool Klout Klub Special.


In which our hero in the back row shouts...

...'Hey, Mr. Kotter. Look over here. I'm still relevant!

And, don't forget...They only smear those they fear most.



Lew said...

So. The BC Liberals legislated self-regulation in 2005.
The BC Liberals then reversed that action in 2016 and put the industry under government oversight.
The NDP hasn’t been in power since 2001.
David Eby wasn’t elected as an MLA until 2013 and has never been part of a government in power.
David Eby has been calling for the government in power to end self-regulation for months.

And Marissen says David Eby is deflecting from the fact he wasn’t prepared to remove self-regulation? Mr. Kotter should issue an immediate detention.

Anonymous said...

always has to have the last word?

in may 2017 lets get the bc libs past the point of no return of getting their seats back.?

Anonymous said...

Marky Mark has 1,063 reasons to despise David Eby.

e.a.f. said...

Poor Marky can't even get his facts right. Perhaps too much party time somewhere. He does sound a tad confused about Eby. But then I think the B.C. Lieberals are a tad afraid of Mr. Eby. He is going to pick up a lot of the younger voters. Christy won't she looks like a re tread, as does the rest of her caucus.

Anonymous said...

Be aware of the general perspective that others use to frame the problem or issue at hand, because accepting their frame on their terms gives them a powerful advantage.

RossK said...

Very aware Anon-Above.