Friday, September 09, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...How Do They Get Away With It?


How do they get away with things like this ferry switcheroo thing, I mean?

More specifically, how do they keep getting away with first creating problems of massive proportions and then subsequently claiming that they've created a brand new victorious solution that had nothing to do with the original problem they created when they reverse course years down the road?

Well, Les Leyne of the VTC, thinks they do it because of 'gall':

...It takes a certain amount of gall to disguise a complete capitulation and about-face on a transportation initiative as a major forward step, but that’s what the B.C. Liberals are trying to pull off.

Even the slightest rueful expression of regret was missing from Tuesday’s announcement that they’ve given up trying to make do with the pathetic stand-in service that was concocted three summers ago when they decided the ferry service to Bella Coola was too expensive. In fact, they didn’t even acknowledge the original reduction. Instead, the planned restoration of service to some kind of respectable level was pitched as an exciting, brand-new idea...

Personally, I think a big driver in the Clarklandian calculation here is the knowledge that they will get away with it.




Because, despite the initial piece by Mikey-Mike and the follow-ups by Mr. Leyne and the Dean, the Clarklandians know that our fine local proMedia will now move on as if nothing has happened.

And when it happens again they (the local proMedia) will act surprised and pretend that this business of using past self-created pain for future faux feel-good photo-ops is NOT the Clarklandian way.


With that in mind, is anybody willing to give me long odds on the (very likely) fact that there is a small gaggle of wizards holed-up somewhere trying to figure out the photo-op sequence of events that could be used to roll out a fake reverse bus clawback strate(r)gy?

Meanwhile, the CEO of BC Hydro has the 'gall' to go on the Twittmachine to tell Merv Adey that, in fact, Site C power is actually needed by actual British Columbians...



Anonymous said...

Absolutely—the bus claw-back is next on the 'party of flip-flops' list. Minister Stillwell's seat is in jeopardy.

Grant G said...

Indeed...This story, this small item(big on ethics) story the likes of Vaughn Palmer write a tsk tsk column and then move on, all covered, all better, see, I'm credible...
But on the big stories that have implications, big financial implications they remain silent..

Too bad Vaughn Palmer has resorted to merely running the clock out on his career...
Vaughn Palmer merely writes quotes from guv, from anyone, never exposes the lies within the quote..

Vaughn Palmer and corporate media have learned how to lie to the public using other people;s words..even when they know those other people's words are lies..

Media scribes lost their way, why? because a paycheque means more than journalism, ethis or the unvarnished truth..

more media cuts, more journos falling behind internet news..and bloggers


Anonymous said...

Rub 2 pennies together?

Grant G said...

Vancouver Sun is so pathetic, PostMedia is this

A real estate ad disguised as news, guess the developer couldn't afford own ad..

Where is the development located? Kelowna, what a coincidence..

Journalism be damned

e.a.f. said...

I maybe old but I'm not stupid. I don't need Site C and neither does this province. I do know we need a lot of G.P.s in this province and the disabled need bus passes which they don't have to pay for and Surrey and other schools districts need more schools and the kids in this province need their parents to make more money because one in five is living below the poverty line. but we don't need Site C.

That B.C. Hydro guy can wax on from now until I'm dead but I'm never going to believe him. reason one, he is the B.C. Hydro guy
reason two, he was put there by the B.C. Lieberals and
if it has some thing to do with the B.C. Lieberals, well you can see how I SPELL the name, they lie like rugs.

Post Media is simply a P.R. thingie for the B.C. Lieberals or perhaps the other way round, but anyhow they don't print actual news nor do they continue on about stories which are of importance in this province. Like the kids in this province have had the highest rate of child poverty for 14 of the past 15 years. You'd think that might deserve a column or two a few times a year and the holding of B.c. Lieberal feet to the fire. What do we get, nada from the MSM. My only conclusion is these people are just fine with child poverty, in fact I'd suggest they are so fine with it, they support it. if they didn't support it, they'd call the B.C. Lieberals out on it.

The advocate for Children was on T.V. the other night giving her report about a child who died in 2013. He killed himself because after over 280 days he still hadn't received the mental health care he needed. Like what type of society are we to let this go on and on. where was the media on this, certainly not asking questions of Christy and her cabal. No they just covered all her photo ops and tried to put more lipstick on that pig. No lets take that back, that reflects badly on pigs, because they do take care of their young. Christy clark and her cabal not so much and the MSM seems to be just fine with all the children who have died during the reign of the B.C. Lieberals.

if we spent $8 billion on children and the disabled in this province every one would be way further ahead, well except of course the friends of Christy who get the contracts to build that dam, dam. On the bodies of the dead children of this province.
Big business likes to look after each other, so if the Post Media group wants to support the B.C. Lieberals and visa versa, I get that, but child poverty, not so much.

Its so bad now communities fund raise when the new school year begins so kids will have school supplies and clothes. In Nanaimo a barber gives free hair cuts. Like how bad does it need to get in B.C. before the press gets their act together? Probably never and I for one won't be surprised or unhappy when some of the newspapers close. My question will be, what did you or your organization ever do for the average kid in this province? Nada.

Anonymous said...

Paul Krugman: Donald Trump’s ‘Big Liar’ Technique

"Why is it apparently so hard to hold Mr. Trump accountable for blatant, in-your-face lies?

Anonymous said...

Victoria’s master baiters.