Friday, September 30, 2016

This Day In Lotusland...What's a BC/Fed Lib Tag Team Approval Really Worth?


Well, well, well....

Looks like that big approval announcement by the Clarklandians and the Feds, no doubt brokered, at least in part, by Marky Mark and the KloutKlub, was just what the fine folks from Petronas were waiting for according to Reuters:

Malaysian state oil firm Petroliam Nasional Bhd is considering selling its majority stake in a $27-billion Canadian liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant, three people familiar with the matter said this week...


Who are the real rubes now?

Thanks to reader SH for the heads-up.



Anonymous said...

There is indeed a God and Karma exists profoundly.

Grant G said...

Ron Obvious has arrived...

Grant G said...

Watch N listen to this BNN video..The topic..Petronas selling their majority share of PNW LNG..Paraphrasing here..

Who would buy it..glut, too much competition, Canadian LNG is expensive, fact Mr. K...The BNN analyst said..


They mused and almost laughed..

Referring to the obsolescence of VHS videos..

On the more fundamental issues...

Some First Nations came to monetary agreements with Petronas, others did not..

Would a "buyer" of Petronas's stake have to accept the design, the trestle, the location? no terminal build costs have occurred as of yet..

The Lax were offered $1 billion over 25 years(they turned it down, but the offer is still on the table for the Lax)..

Would the buyer of the equity share have to honour those offers and signed deals..

First Nations have been in negotiations with Petronas people, met Petronas people..

Does the Province still have to honour the legislated PDA?

Would the new Equity buyer into the Lelu Island terminal be forced to buy Progress energy too?(that cost to Petronas was $5.5 billion)

Is the new majority owner buying the design?..the provincial/Petronas PDA?..First Nation agreements? Progress Energy..Pipeline agreement with TransCanada....

Or is the buyer of Petronas's majority share buying an export permit and environmental certificate?

Would the potential majority share buyer have to take/accept the minor equity partners..
Japex..Brunei..Indian Oil Corp...


Trudeau, Christy Cluck Clark and especially Rich Coleman are looking like idiots...

And..What is a criminal organization or gangster buys Petronas's majority share.....Nevermind


Grant G said...

oops..I forgot to leave the link to BNN..

Anonymous said...

Petronas bargaining chip is now on the table. Lets see how Coleman and Clark respond to the bluff. Me thinks it will not be pretty or in the interests of BC.

RossK said...



But here's the real question...

Will the local proMedia club members avert their eyes completely when the ugliness erupts?


Don F. said...

Congratulations PM Trudeau and thank you for your great wisdom and foresight and the thoughtful understanding and diligence on matters of the environment and climate change issues. Not to mention your renewed respectful relations with First Nations peoples.
Twice in as many days our dimwit premier Christy Clark has played you and you ministers like a cheap fiddle and sent you back to Ottawa with your tail between your legs. Once on negotiations on the carbon tax and now your approval of Petronas LNG. No other Canadian Prime Minister has looked so pathetic in history. Did you expect to awaken the dead horse that is LNG or did you just not understand all the nagly little details of the biggest loosing proposition of all propositions!
Whatever your reasoning you have now set First Nation relations on their head never to be reconciled and have on the world stage brought shame to our country on climate issues and our commitment in living up to our promises. And for WHAT Mr. Trudeau??

e.a.f. said...

Petronas wanting to sell their end of the deal may well be a bargaining chip. They know the B.C. Lieberals need this deal NOW before the election. big rich, will most likely give them what ever they want, including having /b.C. pay for everything and then a whole lot of royalty breaks and tax rebates.

Petronas may be thinking of selling to Communist China which has a 31 yr trade deal with us which will enable them to run over many of the First Nations objections, bring in their own workers, prevent those 190 conditions being a problem. time will tell, but in the end, the average taxpaying citizen is going to get nothing from this deal. Christy of course will make out like a bandit

Anonymous said...

a royal red carpet herring for LNG announcement.?and not even a friday afternoon