Friday, July 14, 2017

FOI Friday: Apparently....


....The CEO Of BC Hydro Will Grant Front Groups Permission To Do Any And All Things Political.

From the FOI digging of, who else...

Bob Mackin:


June 7th.

Weren't we in a weird non-ledge/fake bills comin' limbo right about then?


Jeremy Nuttall also has an FOI-based story up that will make the hair on the back of your neck spontaneously combust in today's Tyee....It's about Mt Polley. (post coming on that)



Crankypants said...

ICBA, BC Liberal Party & BC Hydro's appointees are indistinguishable. They relish in polishing each other's apples.

Chuckstraight said...

Christy CLAC?

Anonymous said...

Corruption, manipulation of taxpayer bet it is!

Anonymous said...

Fire the CEO and the, forget paying any form of severance...period.

Evil Eye said...

The ICBA have completely spammed Facebook and I have complained about their spam.

It seems the ICBA have hired Americans to post threatening comments, some of which are actionable. Typical American style/Trump fake news and alternative facts.

So neoliberal, so Christi Clark.

RossK said...


Can you point us to a thread/feed with specific examples?