Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Remember....They Only Smear Those They Fear Most.



Look what the former astro-turf layer for great the Ice Bomb bridge taxpayer schmozzlepalooza was up to yesterday:


Let's ignore the absurdity of suggesting that our fine constabulary has something against civil rights for the moment.

And, instead, how about we return to the days of yesteryear, circa 201l?

Which, perhaps not coincidentally, was the last time Ms. Christy Clark actually managed to beat a guy named Eby, who was unknown provincially at the time, in a by-election squeaker. Interestingly, in the run-up to voting day Ms. Clark levelled essentially the same smear at Mr. Eby.

Here's what I wrote about that at the time:


It would appear that things have tightened a little in the Point Grey by-election.

How do we know this?

Because Christy Clark, debate no-show kill button still in hand, has suddenly gone negative on David Eby calling him an extremist due to his work for civil rights and social justice.


There is only one person running in tomorrow's bye-bye in creme-de-la-creme ville who has proven that she is an extremist once in power


Before the slash and burning started in earnest to clear out the social slag that would facilitate Gordon Campbell's really, really big plans to privatize everything there was first the BC Liberal Party's 2001 election platform.

An election platform that was co-written by Christy Clark.

And before there was the privatization of the Ferries, and the Railway, and the Roads, and the Bridges, and the Subway, and the Hospital Services, and the MSP Billing, and the Accounting, and the Rivers, there was the privatization of many, many services delivered by the Ministry of Child and Family Development.

And when the latter all blew up with the Doug Walls/CareNET debacle that cost subsequently cost taxpayers millions, who did Gordon Campbell immediately put in charge of Child and Family Development?

Why, none other than...


Christy Clark.


Does all of this mean that the wizardry is up to its old tricks once again?

That 2011 bye-bye between Clark and Eby really was a squeaker....And, in addition, to telephone pole paste-up smears in the pointiest parts of Point Grey there was also....This (Bonjour GAB!).
I would be remiss if I didn't mention that the kind of codswallop spouted by the good Mr. Batemen and Ms. Clark, above, has not been the exclusive domain of BC Liberal leaders and overtly bought-and-paid-for surrogates....Heckfire!...Sometimes, as you might have already guessed, proMedia Club members have gotten into the act as well (with help, of course, from surrogates 'sources').



davemj said...

What can one expect from a licker that was joined at the hip of the Minister of Gas & every thing else Colman the CORUPTOR,who has already been beaking off with filth and fume.I have noticed on several sites the commments {De Smog etc} the people are so pissed at what the Liberals have done more so giving that mining co permit on first nations land park the exploration permit worth reading the comments.

Anonymous said...

Get Jas right on it.

who got that dirty laundry contract?

Anonymous said...

Sooooo Jordan Bateman can be bought

motorcycleguy said...

Jordan's mom wears army boots.....that's about the grade school level his organization (and most members of the official opposition) are presenting their points. Anon above is right, let's get Jas on it. Ha! Mainstream media is whining about losing market share...can they not see how goofy they look giving tacit approval by not challenging such "news releases"? I don't feel the least bit sorry for their plight....the legislative press gallery are presenting themselves as the kids out on the gravel schoolyard field after school shooting playing cards against the wall, not the kids doing homework in the library. My comments stand no matter the party in power nor the organization with the low level communicators....people of reasonable intelligence buy newspapers (or pay for on-line access) when they get a sense they are being given balanced information from which to draw their own conclusions. Every article printed is not meant to be an opinion piece unless labelled clearly as is news. News is not entertainment, nor an arm of any particular political party. I have an official complaint registered to ban the use of the term "News" by Global et al.

mark mounce said...

Speaking as a retired police officer, I can say that Eby has come a long way since his civil liberties days. Suzanne Anton, on the other hand, has evolved from a mediocre prosecutor to one of the worst, sycophantic AG's in recorded memory

Anonymous said...

like a viper octopus..having operatives in all nooks and crannies of BC?

Anonymous said...

Kim said...

Funny story. I talked to MSP today, trying to get premium assistance for a friend. I first called Premium assistance, and then they referred me to billing, who then referred me to billing> None of them were able to transfer me and my friend is still at risk of collection action. Even though I applied for Premium assistance for him a month ago but the person on the line said "Yes HE qualified last year, but you filled it out on this years application. WTF is wrong with these people?