Wednesday, July 26, 2017

LNG A-Go-Go...The Flaw In The Doomsayers' Codswallop.


You'd almost think they planned it...

And I'm not just talking about the usual nonsensical nonsense from the BCLiberal fabulists and their former bought-and-paid for lobbyist in the wake of Petronas' post-election/new-gov't plug pulling.

Case in point, the 'Dippers killed the Sparkle Ponies!' screamer from Claudia Cattaneo in last night's soon to be taxpayer propped-up Financial Post:

...With energy prices collapsing globally, and the business in B.C. having a tough time remaining viable, Pacific NorthWest LNG needed less, not more government costs and regulations to stay in the game.

Instead, the new provincial government jacked up its demands, including higher carbon taxes, a “fair” return for resources (read a bigger provincial take), partnerships with First Nations (read fatter benefits agreements), protection for “our air, land and water including living up to our climate change commitments,” as outlined in Premier John Horgan’s mandate letter to the new energy minister, Michelle Mungall.

To make matters worse, Horgan repeatedly singled out Pacific NorthWest LNG during his election campaign as one that was “poorly sited” and that he would relocate (read another environmental assessment and, of course, more costs)...

Followed by this from wanna-be petro-statist Mr. Wall of Flatlandia:

Now, leaving aside the nonsense in the position that it is all the Dippers' fault for a moment.

Perhaps, instead, we should think about what the imaginary gassified Sparkle Ponies have cost us already.

Luckily for us Norm Farrell has already run the numbers:


Can't remember ever having seen Norm's ~$7 billion bottom line on the evening news or in the CAPP-inated Postmedia print organs.

Wonder why?

And while we're on the subject...It would appear that Mr. Leyne of the local VTC might have a little explaining to do also. 
As for the Dean?...The pretzel logic required to blame the Dippers while simultaneously acknowledging the economic reality is astonishing....Harvey Oberfeld follows up with a bit of hardening of what is now becoming conventional wisdom for those who unfortunately refuse to scratch any deeper than the surface....And this really is the problem because, given the proMedia's refusal to clearly state what is really going on, a significant proportion of the electorate who kinda/sorta pay attention like the good Mr. Oberfeld will be convinced that this is an ideological thing going in to the next election. Tragically, that is the kind of thing that can lead to most of that same proportion of folks voting against their own best interests.
 Meanwhile...Grant G bangs the entire proMedia Club Membership's gong....Again. 



sd said...

I said this before,we need to crowdfund and buy billboard space for Norm's charts.

Ed Seedhouse said...

I have noticed that the days have been getting noticeably shorter since the Dippers took power. Coincidence?

Grant G said...

My latest...

Anonymous said...

SH: @ Mr. Seedhouse: Ha! What won't the Dippers try to get away with?

…This Okanagan morning my dog who wakes with the sun and the birds, didn't wake me up until 5:30...made me feel a little melancholy for the summer that is slipping away.

On the upside: glad the powered-down sun is sliding behind the trees right now, because vegetables that are usually tolerant to heat, were fading fast. I've had to provide shade for a bleeding eggplant!

Sub-Boreal said...

Indeed, the Dean's logic has pretzeled into a hyperdimensional domain.

North Van's Grumps said...

the war to end all wars brought on Daylight Savings Time to confuse the enemies, not to prolong workers building weapons to end the war of all wars.

The BC NDP will be abolishing Daylight Savings Time, which means, that as this is being written its NOT 6:27 but 5:27

Bruce mitchell said...

Hey mr wall of sask, didn't your province just get downgraded by Moody's, what kind of a show are you putting on over there

RossK said...



I don't think Jonah Ryan is part of the Dipper cabinet.



RossK said...

Excellent point Bruce.



e. a. f. said...

if your sibling is getting a divorce expect some of the msm TO Blame the NDP/Greens. Earthquake, NDP's fault, I'm expecting comparisons to be made shortly to Venezula.

Petronas wasn't ever going to go ahead with the LNG plants unless B.C. paid for it and exempted them from paying royalties. for that we don't need them. We don't need to destroy our environment so some foreign corporation/country can benefit. As to the jobs, we need at least a thousand nurses, more paramedics, etc. And really, the way you heard the B.C. Lieberals carry on about all the jobs they created in the province where were they going to get the workers to do all this petronas work?

Anonymous said...

Does CC or RC have a custom BC plate that reads [LNG 649]

Is their favorite song this?

Anonymous said...

Hey gotta keep up with that a trillion dollar propa?

Anonymous said...

What are the odds that the BC Liberals knew about the Petronas decision before the election and asked them to keep quite for a few months?

bcwaterboy said...

"What are the odds that the BC Liberals knew about the Petronas decision before the election and asked them to keep quite for a few months?"

A lot better than say winning the lottery or getting struck by lightening. Continues to baffle my little pea brain that nobody is talking about Clark's failure to deliver said sparkle ponies and the gazzalion dollar prosperity fund- debt free BC- 100,000 jobs. This is the "real" LNG story.

Anonymous said...

If natural gas is a useful enough product to export (as LNG), now BC can use more of its own natural gas, instead of exporting it.

As a transport fuel, for example. Or to generate electricity.

By using our natural gas in BC, GHG emissions from producing and shipping LNG would be avoided.

Anonymous said...

Restart Burrard Thermal
Run it by BCUC for review before they build the proposed condos.

Scotty on Denman said...

The surveillance, scrutiny, synthesis, and superb sarcasm of the soldiers of social justice have served the long-sought severance of the saboteurs of our sovereign democracy from their position of control. Good job these political bloggers stand pat about this cause because their dedication is as needed as much as ever, despite the BC Liberals loss of parliamentary confidence and defeat.

The hostile mainstream media punditry will now tack as far to starboard as they can to compensate for their benefactors' loss of the public apparatus---as we're already seeing---but also to prepare for the inevitable indictments, at the very least in the court of public opinion, that will be revealed in the fullness of time by the public books' new ministers. There's ample reason to expect the unholy alliance between the BC Liberals and BC's sympathetic MSM to become even unholier. It's part of the maudlin moribundity that drives longtime self-indulgent liars to absurd excuses and accusations that go further to prove their guilt---unless, that is, they can drown out all rival voices, another absurdity as rats claw at the gunnels of already occupied lifeboats.

Unholy or unholier, it's always been thus. That's why the new government needs to avail the public apparatus so long commandeered by ulterior, antisocial purpose by its predecessor. I dare say MSM has proven themselves so enthralled to crony interests it would serve them right if they were left with only their own twaddle and deprived of scoopable official announcements, passed over altogether for independent online news outlets. In addition, there are two parties cooperating to govern and therefore two opportunities for the government to say what it wants to say.

In this war between old lies and new truths, the new government needs to stay on top of its rival's vulnerabilities---and to increase their number where possible, and exploit them to further one of the most important objectives of this mandate: expose the perfidy of the BC Liberal regime to the extent it can neither be believed nor re-elected.

Frankly, I and most people I know haven't believed BC MSM for decades. Hopefully their droning will soon be blowing as many bubbles as their masters, but the dowsing cannot be considered optional. We live in a time when news doesn't have to be remotely real to be believed, but it does have to be at least matched. And, if you want to win, it has to be exceeded.