Friday, November 03, 2017

How Obvious Can One Columnist Be?


Here's the title of a post that showed up on this lowly F-Troop-listed amateur blog a few weeks ago:

Thursday, October 12, 2017

What Is To Become Of Young Vancouverites?




I understand that it's a crowded field, the proPunditry field, and all, but...

It's pretty hard to believe that one of today's column's in the BellGlobeRDSTSNCTV'nEverythingElseMedia's flagship print organ sprang up entirely in the wake of one man's ingestion of Chichester Cathedral:

To be fair (while turning off the snark phasers for the moment), in his actual column Mr. Mason acknowledges a significant debt to a really excellent personal perspective piece by Jessica Barrett that was published in the interim in The Tyee.

But I'm telling you...

If I open the Globe next week and see a piece that ties road hockey to Sal Paradise, I'm going to be more than a little upset.

Because that, if it happens, cannot stand, man.


What is this obviousness and cathedral dinners all about anyway Alfie?....Well....It's all in the Pythons.
Will get back to more serious things soon.....Apologies...It's been a cigar tube week.



Hugh said...

The article says a 475 sq. ft. condo costs $750,000.

Then add to that the exorbitant monthly strata fee.

The developer's answer: even more ugly condo towers!

Good grief.

RossK said...



As for the 'land assemblies' along and near the Cambie corridor.

You either need to be a lottery winner or a member of the Whaling industry to afford to buy one of those.

Which reminds me...



Hugh said...

Government will do whatever it can to make sure that homes are unaffordable for young people.

A reduction in housing values would mean loss of $billions of wealth from the economy. This would result in economic depression. No matter that it's phony wealth.

This is why we will never see interest rates rise significantly. The Bank of Canada won't allow it.

Govt will try to keep the real estate money-laundering low-interest Ponzi continuing for as long as it can.

Young Vancouverites will become Young Ex-Vancouverites.

Thanks, Government! (sarcasm)

Anonymous said...


Isn't attribution for the source of a story part of the code of conduct for journalists?

I've had some of my ideas mined by a colleague, and there is no more ugly feeling. It is a disrespectful theft of intellectual property, moreover it is plain old lazy, and points to the appropriator's failure to divine their own unique perspective.

We know who thunk it first RossK.

RossK said...


Naw, it's really no big deal - 'twas only snarking. And, again, credit-where-credit-is-due, Mr. Mason showed his work and gave full credit to Ms. Barrett whose piece is really excellent (and extremely personal in just the way Hugh described two comments upthread).

Regardless, as we say in the science geek business....'Ideas are free' (and should always be so)


e.a.f. said...

And Amazon is bringing in an extra thousand workers. It looks good, but where will all the people live and how will they get to work? Unfortunately there has been little to no civic planning when it comes to the lower mainland. Now we have a mess and any planning they are doing, if any, will not work. there is no planning being done for what we will look like in 75 years. that's the work which needs to be done now. We have only to look at how much the lower mainland has grown in the past 40 years. All they did was build a few bridges which didn't work.

There needs to be a huge stock of housing which is affordable and private enterprise isn't going to provide that. there isn't any money in it. When you consider the Bay in downtown Vancouver has been put up for sale at almost a billion, who do you think is going to live in those condos? Its time to restrict who lives where. This is British Columbia, Canada and we ought to take priority when it comes to housing.

North Van's Grumps said...

Is Paradise Papers related to Sal Paradise?

RossK said...


Only if they include long screeds from Allen Ginsberg from Tangiers.

Or some such thing.