Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Casino Industrial Laundry Complex (ctd)... The Super-Secret, Cone-Of-Silence Defense!


From Marcella Bernardo's recent CKWX report on goings on in the legislature:

As BC’s new government reviews allegations of money laundering at Richmond’s River Rock casino, members of the former Liberal government are being accused of letting it go un-checked.

Debate in the Legislature on Monday focused on whether the Liberals ignored evidence of criminal activity.

Longtime New Democrat and Nanaimo MLA Leonard Krog says a report recently made public by his government was deliberately kept secret by the Liberals last year.

“The fact is there was trouble in our system. People knew it and they didn’t do as much as they could have if they did much at all.”

Former Solicitor General Mike Morris, also a former Mountie, is suggesting the report may have been kept quiet to ensure an ongoing police investigation wasn’t compromised.

“The members have to be very cautious and very careful on what kind of information that they put out there, it could have a dire effect on the consequences of what could literally be a multi-million dollar investigation.”...

Sure thing, Mr. Morris - an investigation that has been going since, say,  2006?

Which would make it a cone-of-silence affair that has lasted for almost 12 years with, of course, a break in 2009 due to the active dismantling of an investigatory body with the ability to look into such matters by your very own government.



The fine fellow, and current supporter of the quintessential Quilchenean, quoted by Ms. Bernardo above was once...



Of the entire province of British Columbia.

And isn't all this legislatin' and debatin' 'n stuff going on 'round here, for literally weeks on end,  just crazy to behold?



North Van's Grumps said...

Perhaps one reason why the BC Liberals failed to bring it to the public's attention is because they rarely had Fall Sessions at the BC Legislature so that this sort of information would be open for discussion

BC Parliament Calendar

But then again the BC Liberals preferred to do it in-camera which protects the Cabinet and Caucus discussions from been revealed, reported, by the news media.

Anonymous said...

when your told there is a investigation when there isnt.?
when your told there isnt an investigation when there is.?

Anonymous said...

The old saying money talks and bullshit walks. The only thing that mattered to the liberals was money. I would love to know how much of this laundered money made its way into the pockets of the liberal party. Every thing else to them is the bullshit you know like schools, hospitals and poverty that will be handled by the next government when people get wise to the liberals and there rich friends. After 16 years of there greed there pockets and off shore bank accounts must be full. Christy and Gordo, do you have enough to retire on with everything including your pensions. You greedy pricks make us pee-ons sick. So as far as we are concern you can G. F. Y.

Lew said...

In January of 2016 Merv Adey was kind enough to publish an open letter I wrote to Mike Morris as a part of one of his posts at BCVeritas.com. I believe Merv wouldn’t mind if I take this opportunity to use that post both as an example and reminder of the principled dedication he had to holding our politicians to account on a wide range of issues, and an example of why Mike Morris has no business lecturing anyone on what they should or shouldn’t say about law enforcement in this province.


Scotty on Denman said...

Yes, it is crazy to behold.

Hugh said...

Vancouver casinos - money laundering.

Vancouver real estate - money laundering.

Offshore tax havens (ie Paradise papers) - more money laundering.