Monday, February 12, 2018

Pipeline-A-Go-Go: Ron Pats Self On Back...Obviously.


Look what the Globe's man around western towns threw up on the Twittmachine today/Monday:

Thing is, if you go and actually read Mr. Mason's piece that he points you back to you will see that he takes up pretty much every place and position under the sun trying to come up with a most disjointed non-thesis to explain why Ms. Notley, Mr. Horgan and Mr. Trudeau are saying what they are (or are not) doing with respect to the pipeline.

Then, finally, presumably satisfied he has every possible angle covered, Mr. Mason ends with his very-well buried kicker (that also doubled as the header to the thing):

...The future of Trans Mountain is almost certainly going to be determined in a court room, somewhere, and not be any edict from the Prime Minister's office or the start of a trade war.

Why well buried?

Because, if true and widely understood by all concerned, this eventuality would fully explain why any politician can say and do whatever they want for whatever purpose, political point scoring (and/or future cover creating?) or otherwise, in the interim.

Which is something a little less obvious that didn't seem to occur to the Globe's main left-of-Kenora column guy.

Imagine that!

And, as surprised as I a to be typing it, Mikey Mike of the Province did a much better job on this one this time around....How?...Well, it turns out that Mr. Smyth actually spoke to one of the principals involved, on the, you know, errrrr...Record.



Lew said...

Ron played three-card Monte with himself and then “reported” the results.

Mikey apparently dealt with a live subject, but I wonder whose phone rang.

Unknown said...

Unfortunately,i think it likely will be built,due to the inertia of ca$h,and both ottawa and edmonton will show us a tapdancing frenzy to avoid liability for any spills,on land or at sea. B.C., the diposable province.

Unknown said...

They are already tsp dancing and maybe using that unfortunate native kids death in Saskatchewan as a smoke screen to avoid the bc alberta pipeline issue. Take a look at the south china morning post and search for oil spill to see how bad it could be here. Miles across and ten feet deep. Can't be cleaned up. I read somewhere the slick is now over 300 square miles. Imagine that in Vancouver or the gulf islands. Bitumen doesn't conveniently stay on the surface either, it spreads from top to bottom.
The damage will be permanent and catastrophic.
Don't back down bc, get in there and fight for the future of one of the most beautiful places in the world. Or go back to sleep and wake up one morning to the sound of sirens and loud speakers advising you that it is no longer SAFE to stay in the home you have worked your whole life to build. Forget about tourists, forget about the economy, you are fighting for your life.

Unknown said...

Nothing against albertans, i lived there, i worked there, finer people you are not going to find. Anywhere.
But that is not enough reason to agree with them that this pipeline is going thru to threaten our ecology and way of life for the whole future as we know it.
Send that bitumen poison down to America they love that stuff anyway. Wait! Turns out they don't love it either. Turns out the exxon valdez spill soured all the people who lived there on multinational companies which destroy other peoples lives and hire lawyers instead of paying even a tenth of what they destroyed for private profit. Thirty years later and still no sign of reasonable recompense for what the people there lost.
It WIll be the same in bc. And there is no recompense for what they lost. And though i hate to say it, what they lost is far less than what a huge city like vanvouver stands to lose if it is maimed or killed by a huge state owned chinese transnational.
So, getting into it, maybe we should ask the decent chinese who live here what they actually think about it.
Go out and ask. Don't just ask the chinese, ask everybody whose life it will affect. Print up a few thousand flyers and hand them out because if one thing is clear it is that we cannot fight multi-billionaires digitally. We have already seen that they can and do buy our polticians and even buy our indians for profit. The polticians don't seem to mind, but a lot of the indians do mind. A lot of them have lived where they do for thousands of years and have seen the sophistry of corporations for hundreds of years. They are changing. They are adopting the white man's ways and grabbing everything they can before they are left with nothing. And that is a goddamn shame because they are the only allies we have.
I have known a few indians in my time and let me tell you, they are way more honorable, way more decent, and way easier to get along with than any greedy machine controlled transnational corporation you will ever experience. That does not even do the Natives justice.

Unknown said...

Seems i lost a post here.
So let me encapsulate it:
Go to the the south china morning news site and search for 'oil spill'
You will see what is going to happen to our coast if we do nothing. Oil slick 300 miles plus, depth 10 meters, and That is lite oil. Doesn't really apply here because bitumen spills from the top to the bottom, destroying everything for at least hundreds of years. Do yourself a favour and go to a Chinese site to see the incredible damage that will do to our province-the place we live.
Dont judge the chinese, but go over to their site and see how much they value their environment. Why should you value your environment less.
I grew up there. Nobody fucked up the environment.
We went to the beach, dug some clams or took some oysters and that was it. Nobody took more.

North Van's Grumps said...

south china morning news site and search for 'oil spill'

Chuckstraight said...

I don`t get it- why can`t this stuff be refined in Alberta? Same reason why we can`t mill our logs in BC?
Sure looks bad in China.

Rob said...

Different product, different place but the results are disastrous.