Tuesday, April 24, 2018

I've Said It Before And I'll Say It Again...


...They will always try to smear the one they fear most.

What's it all about this time Alfie?....Well....This.



e.a.f. said...

OMG that was funny. David Eby hadn't practised law!!! Perhaps Wilkinson was just plain lying or perhaps he is loosing his memory. He is of that age where it is possible. I do recall, when he ran against Christy Clark, there were those who "complained" about the type of law he practised, i.e. with Pivot and the B.C. legal society. OMG, Wilkinson, willie. you'll have to try harder than that. Even us of great age, remember better than you do. When attacking the "enemy" its always best to get your facts straight!

It maybe best if the B.C. Lieberals just keep their mouths shut and their fingers off the key boards and let this all play out. They can then apologize and/or say they knew nothing about it. Attacking Eby isn't going to work.

Mr. Eby is going to continue down the road in the manner he has determined will be best to expose the malfeasance of the B.C. Lieberals. He has a few more years to work at it and the B.C. Lieberals just might want to confess before they are exposed. Oh, right they most likely aren't that smart.

My impression of Mr. Eby is that he is interested in the law FOR EVERYONE. That all must be represented and all must abide by it.

B.C. Lieberals beware. MSM, keep your heads down and don't get too caught up in this mess. We've read what Sam Coooper has had to say.

This is going to be fun........

North Van's Grumps said...

Perhaps Wilkinson doesn't fit within any of the requirements therefore ....

Demonstrate professional integrity, good character and excellence in the practice of law. Such excellence could be determined by any of the following conditions:

They are acknowledged by their peers as leading counsel or exceptionally gifted practitioners.
They have demonstrated exceptional qualities of leadership in the profession, including in the conduct of the affairs of the Canadian Bar Association, the Law Society of British Columbia and other legal organizations.

They have done outstanding work in the fields of legal education or legal scholarship.


Lew said...

Andy may not have been paying attention to Mr. Eby’s prior professional activities, but he has undoubtedly been studying Mr. Trump’s handbook.

One outlandish statement, and the focus is off the Vancouver Model for a few days at least. Watch for similar distractions, with assorted BC Liberals willing to play rope-a-dope and take punches from a straw man.

davemj said...

Just check out those beady eyes!that ever constant sneer his constant bullshit coming out of that curled Lip !! Yup right on ! a Scumball clone,lots sneeky shit from those D.O.B.turds.He wont get it,Scummy and Clucky did not.

Unknown said...

Hopefully. Never underestimate how a parasite can wriggle.

North Van's Grumps said...

Way off Topic RossK:

Have you noticed that BC Government Trolls have dropped off of the (eg. Statcounter)radar since June of 2017? Or, was it the political staff (eg. Brian Bonney etc) within the Premier's Office of Christy Clark that were the trolls?

RossK said...

Very interesting point NVG--

It would appear the stafferlyish PAB-Bots have gone into hibernation for the moment (and/or are just too busy workin' it for LibConTurfExtractistan that they just don't have the time to bother with the likes of us these days).