Saturday, April 14, 2018

Ron Hits The Dilbit Pipe Hard, Obviously.


According to Mr. Mason of the Globe, Justin Trudeau will lose even if he wins.

Because, apparently, every grain of prairie grass will diss him for doing so.

Or some such thing:

...If he (Trudeau) does succeed in pushing the pipeline through, he’ll anger people in Metro Vancouver where most of the opposition to the venture is based. But he would also get little credit in Alberta, or the neighbouring jurisdictions of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, where there is a common view he made a hash out of this issue unnecessarily...

Meanwhile, heading to a place the authorially obvious one dares not tread, 'Curious George' actually did some actual analyzing of the situation on the Twittmachine:


In less obvious news of the deeply buried lede kind, it turns out that the good Mr. Mason would like at least some of his readers to conclude that 57% of British Columbians did not actually elect the members that formed the minority government led by Mr Horgan:

...Mr. Trudeau had to have known this pipeline had the potential to grow into a national nightmare the moment Mr. Horgan’s NDP was allowed to form government in B.C...


Just who was it, exactly, that elected the ol' sportswriter and made him a member of the puffed-up proMedia poli-punditry anyway?

You want a real take from a proMedia member who is actually paying attention?....Check out this thread from the GStraight's Travis Lupick.
And, just in case you missed it, Horgan has taken up blogging....Imagine that!



Lew said...

Mr. Horgan’s post illustrates deep concern for the environment and people of the coast.

What does his decision on Site C illustrate for the environment and people of the Peace River Valley?

e.a.f. said...

Horgan was "allowed"????? to form government. He wasn't allowed. He was elected. Like he didn't need permission to form government he was elected to the position. Is that guy an idiot or did he think the NDP needed permission to form government after being elected and getting the support of the Greens. OMG, I guess in his mind democracy is only for the B.C. Lieberals and federal cons. Give me a break. o.k. enough of the rant.

There is more to electing a government than just the opposition or support to a pipeline. these writers might want to consider a few other things such as what comprises the federal Conservative Party. Not an idea that appeals to some of us. As much as I don't want the pipe line or more accurately the ships through the harbour each day, I would still vote for Trudeau if the Liberals were the only choice. NDP 1, federal Liberals 2, never a federal Conservative. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

There is the no small matter of Scheer's actions as speaker of the house, his religious zeolotry, his association with Rebel media and some of those with racist attitudes, etc. Then there is the economy and it won't sink because there isn't an extra pipeline and more ships. There are people who will vote for Trudeau because they receive a cheque from the federal government which helps feed their children each and every month. All Scheer and his Cons want is what Harper had, a tax credit, which does no good for those who can't take advantage of it. A cheque which comes each and every month is way better, just check the grocery stores when those cheques come.

What these writers also seem to have forgotten is the west is only a small part of the electorate. There is all of "middle Canada"--Ontario and Quebec along with the Maritimes, Yukon and Territories.

Whether Trudeau forces through the pipeline or not, it won't have much of an impact on the next federal election as much as these writers would like to think it will. Its sort of like a fart in a wind storm.

Its sort of like a month or two ago it was like the world was going to end with Trump threatening to nuke North Korea. This month, nothing about that, its all about the investigation and Syria. This pipeline windstorm too will pass. The economy will not sink. Businesses will continue to do business here. People are not so stupid to not recognize this issue is something different from the usual things which go on.

Why do we need to destroy our environment to make Communist China richer? Like get a grip here writers of newspapers.......

RossK said...

Good point Lew.

Perhaps Mr. Horgan will enlighten us on this matter with a second blog post.



Of course, on a particular day at a particular point in time Ms. Guichon did 'allow' Mr. Horgan to try and form government after the Grifter-In-Chief lost the confidence of the ledge, which he then promptly did. Since then Mr. Horgan has led a coalition of elected members who have maintained the confidence of the legislature fully. Given the latter, I view Mr. Mason's gratuitous use of the term 'allowed' in the here and now to be little more than the smirk of a particular type of dog whistler strolling through a dying business' graveyard.


North Van's Grumps said...

Christy Clark's FIVE Conditions were never written to stop Kinder Morgan but only to give the impression that the BC Liberals were working for British Columbia when it came to the Environment. The Conditions gave them the 'right' to spend a ton of cash on advertising to proclaim just how good of job they've done. Unfortunately for British Columbians, including the opposition in the Legislature, the BC Liberals didn't mentioned that they had ALREADY sought out that legal opinion that said that they COULDN'T put any conditions on the table if it stopped the project.

Today in the Vancouver Sun, journalist Claudia Cattaneo blames John Horgan for the constitutional crisis even though he only found out in his first days as premier that Premier Christy Clark had commissioned the opinion which may go a long way to explain why opposition mla Mike de Jong has been hammering away in the Legislature because HE was privy to the legal opinion (protected by his Executive Council / Finance Minister status).

Claudia Cattaneo
Carrots won't do with John Horgan — it's time for the Prime Minister to use the stick

Law-abiding British Columbians should be concerned by revelations this week that their premier has known since his first days as the head of government last summer that his top campaign pledge -- to "use all tools in the toolbox" to kill the project -- was legally indefensible.

Anonymous said...

It is only a 'constitutional crisis' because the corporate media need it to be.

Part of the problem is Albertans think Canada's economy is driven by their oil... delusional at best, but oil owns the media.

e.a.f. said...

Its a tad stupid to refer to any of this B.C./Alberta stuff as a constitutional crisis. We just don't want tar all over our land and ocean. We have that right to not want that and to ensure it doesn't happen. Now if the Constitution lets Quebec opt out of things and other provinces out of other things, although there isn't a provision for it, we in B.C. ought to be able to opt out of pipelines going through out soil and 5 ships a week onto our oceans. Its not like Alberta and the rest of the country are going to suffer if things go sideways.

Why do we have to foul our land and sea so foreign corporations can make more money than ever. Its not like they clean up after themselves, just check all the money Albertans are going to have to pay to clean up orphan wells. The owners of big media need to get over it. they aren't the majority. We the citizens are the majority and we have more votes than the few shareholders. The Americans and Communist Chinese corporations don't get to vote at all. its our country.

Chuckstraight said...

I`ve been under the "impression" that economic growth, such that it is, is killing the planet we live on. I note that part of the discussion is pretty well missing.
Profit before environment appears to be the issue.

North Van's Grumps said...

Why is Alberta adamant that the only route for their heavy crude is through the port of Vancouver? In 2014 the Albertan government of Alison Redford commissioned a report that would ship their Tar Sands, NORTH.

"..... Sending oilsands bitumen north through N.W.T. to a port in the Arctic is feasible, according to a study commissioned last year by Alberta.

Dubbed the Arctic Gateway Pipeline, the proposed link would ship bitumen along the Mackenzie Valley to a port in Tuktoyaktuk, N.W.T.

It says shipping of bitumen through Tuktoyaktuk could start as early as next summer, using freight trains to Hay River, N.W.T., then barges the rest of the way down the Mackenzie River and on to Tuktoyaktuk. ....."

North Van's Grumps said...
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North Van's Grumps said...

Image of Alberta to NWT to Bering Strait from the CBC