Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Generation Gap Or...

...Reality Smack?

The upshot...

None of the young kids I know - and I know plenty, both in family and science geek/teach life -  are even remotely thinking about owning a home in central Lotusland unless, of course, they have big time boomer/parental help.




Jon Ghun said...

Low entry-level remuneration along with high housing costs do not a happy generation make.

Geeze, I wonder how it got to this point, Louise?

Must have been Putin or Trump or both .

Couldn't have anything to do with foreign investment, globalization or financial fraud.

Guess we need more casinos, regressive taxation, LNG proposals, rainbow-colored sidewalks and a corrupted corporate media.

Shush, we're not allowed to talk like that in Canada anymore.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry...a $10B twinned pipeline is SURE to deliver prosperity. If it doesn't, just twin it again!


RossK said...


You might want to have a gander back at that archives 'round here before you do any further trolling on this matter.



One can only wonder what else could be done with that $10 billion.

Or even....This.


Jon Ghun said...

Just trying to bring a levity to an otherwise depressing topic. My bad.

Should have just come out and asked you for your explanation of WHY the millennials are so down in the dumps about their future in Lotusland (?).

Sincerely awaiting your reply.

RossK said...

Mr. Ghun--

Do I owe you something?

Jon Ghun said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
RossK said...

Troll, removed, above.

I have learned the hard way not to engage them.

Thus, comment moderation has been turned on for the moment.



Lew said...

The poll cited was commissioned by Gavin Dew’s Forum for Millennial Leadership. Mr. Dew is a former BC Liberal candidate and is advertised in this link as Director of External Relations for Great Canadian Gaming Corporation.

I wonder if he’s commissioned any polls on money laundering and it’s effects on housing affordability for millennials?

I note that in the poll he did commission, 49% of the pessimistic folks didn’t bother to vote in the last provincial election.

RossK said...

Thanks, as always, Lew.


Anonymous said...

Affordable housing would be nice...

"New Zealand to ban foreigners from buying homes"