Thursday, August 02, 2018

Thirty Years Of Meat Puppetry...


Thirty years of meat puppetry backed with venomous and vile (not to mention racist) propaganda does not an informed citizenry make.

Especially in media markets where no reasonable, reality-based alternative is available.

What's it all about this time Alfie?


It turns out that a certain far, far right-sided American radio screamer by the name of Limbaugh heard from a long time listener, but first time caller yesterday (warning: link is not sanity proof):

RUSH: So I have this note on the call screener computer: “On the hotline…” We don’t have a hotline. “On the hotline, you’re receiving a phone call in recognition of your anniversary broadcast. You’ll want to take this immediately.” Okay. So we’re going to the phones and we have a special guest. Who is it?

THE PRESIDENT: So, Rush, I just wanted to congratulate you on 30 years.

RUSH: (laughing)

THE PRESIDENT: This is your favorite president, and I think you are fantastic.

RUSH: (laughing)

THE PRESIDENT: I heard about it, and today’s the big day, 30 years. I wanted to call personally and congratulate you.

RUSH: I am floored. I… (laughing) I thought there was nothing anybody could do to surprise me today. I’ve been preparing for anything. Mr. President —

THE PRESIDENT: You’re a very special man, Rush, and you have people that love you. I’m one of them. But you’re a very, very special guy. What you do for this country, people have no idea how important your voice is. So I just wanted to personally make this one and I said, “I’ll even dial the number myself if I have to.”



Just to be clear...

This is most definitely not a time for Canadian smugness when it comes to media manipulative matters such as these:


Tip O' the Toque to one of Left Bloggostan's finest chroniclers of the depths to which the right side has sunk in America, Driftglass.
Need a reasonable fact-backed alternative to Doug Ford TeeVee?....Canadaland's offering, with Allison Smith and Johnathan Goldsbie, is a pretty good one.



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