Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Con Sequential Pandering.


I get that the likes of the Pierre Poilievre and friends are attempting to simultaneously own the libs and strap the base to their manly chests with sequential pander runs that involve things like railing against public health mandates and stomping on the federal bank.

After all, that way in the end Cons of all stripes, with the help of work like that generated by Ms. Rempel Garner and/or her wordsmiths last week, hope they will be able to keep the base straps firmly in place while they gingerly back away from the overt racism of great replacementism come election time.

Which, of course, is something that many pundits in the proMedia herd will tell us to be grateful for when the time comes.

However, that is a strategy that could lead to a doubling down on the softer/safer aspects of the base strapping insanity.

For example, just imagine what would actually happen to CanuckiStanMikitastan if a fine fellow like Mr. Poilievre actually came to power and made an even finer fellow like the good Dr. Peterson his science advisor during a public health crisis that involved safe and efficacious vaccines...


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Chuckstraight said...

Heaven help us all if PP and his convoy base ever achieve power.