Friday, May 27, 2022

This One's For Beer.

Our old friend Mr. Beer 'N Hockey is the one who got me hooked on WDVX, whose playlists often included the work of the Drive-By Truckers, back in the day.

Above is a newly posted video of a full Truckers show from Atlanta at the tail-end of 2006.

I'm sure there are DBT aficionados who would vehemently disagree, but for my money this version of the band, wherein Mr. Isbell is right on the edge of busting loose from the bonds of Mess'rs Patterson and Hood while Ms. Tucker just keeps on pounding that bass, is at the top of the heap in all its dishevelled, whiskey swigging glory.


Danneau said...

Wet Wilie a generation and a lot of whisky later, somewhat like Eric Clapton's Hideaway compared to Freddie King's. This is like a harbinger of the budding anger that characterizes so much of today's discourse. Isbell seems, in a way, to be enjoying the popcorn.

RossK said...


I think JI is now in a place where he can enjoy at least some of the popcorn these days, both in the political and songwriting realms, but he (and those that helped him) had to work pretty darned hard to get to a place where he could do so.