Sunday, May 28, 2023

Back In The Cigar Tube Again...


There was a point a couple of weeks ago when I was struck dumb by a terrible realization.

Which is that, for people like me, there were actually some plusses that came about because of the COVID shut/drag/slowdown.


I realize that this is stupid and small of me because the shut/drag/slowdown was really incredibly hard for so many.

But in a job like mine all the superfluous junk just, literally, melted away for awhile.

Most of that was dumb administrative junkish-type stuff that had little to do with anything significant.

Unfortunately, all of that stuff is now back with a vengeance.

And, while I'm not sure this fits into the same category, the travel has started again as well.

Boy oh boy, I had forgotten how much I hate security gates, airports in general, and the constant worry of having the laptop crushed by a rapidly reclining seat back.

And as for paying 10 bucks for a muffin and a coffee at YVR on a Sunday morning, well...



Double sheesh.



e.a.f. said...

I hear your pain. Its tough I know. People putting their seats into recline ought to be banned or we ought to be given more space.

Less paper work, always a good thing, sort of.

Of course, there are things such as first world problems, second world problems and third world problems.I hear your pain and understand it, but the "problems" are first world problems. You and all of us will get over them after a night in our nice hotel and a drink.

A real problem is having no money and having to hitch hike to Ottawa. I know I feel your pain.

RossK said...


Of course, you are absolutely correct.