Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Gloria Gaynor He Is Not.


The CNN guy responsible for the odious Town Hall/MAGA Rally, Chris Licht, is no Gloria Gaynor.

And now it is not even clear that he can make like the band 'Cake', shown above.


The following is from a statement by corporate uber-boss David Zaslav that was released after company man David Leavy was brought in to oversee things at the (so-called) news network:

“CNN is a very important business for us, and, in fact, we believe that nothing we do is more important....We aspire to be the news organization most trusted by viewers globally. We set a high bar for ourselves and while we know that it will take time to complete the important work that’s underway, we have great confidence in the progress that Chris and the team are making and share their conviction in the strategy.”

So, what, exactly is the problem?

The following is from the deeply buried lede in an LA Times piece by Stephen Battaglio and Meg James published yesterday:

...While the town hall attracted more than 3 million viewers, the audience has left CNN in droves since, with the network finishing behind the small, right-wing network Newsmax on some nights in prime time. Veterans at CNN said the Nielsen data shows that its audience is clearly angry at the network...

Which gets us to the real thing.

Zaslav made it clear to Licht that he wanted to boost CNN viewership amongst US'ians who identify as Republicans.

So Licht went off the deep end and ran the rally that had the whiff of 1933 about it, sans klieg lights, with disastrous results amongst all viewers (i.e. those who couldn't stomach it and those who still want to get their even redder meat elsewhere).

One can only wonder if they Zaslav and Licht now wish they'd gone with an episode of 'Golden Escalator, Part Deux' instead.



Keith said...

CNN is also losing audience numbers consistently to MSNBC. The other news orgs. don’t have to do a thing, just watch CNN implode


RossK said...

Got it - thanks for that Keith.


Anonymous said...

Rick Wilson's premise that Everything Trump Touches Dies, still continues to hold true. He leaves a well worn path of destroyed careers, unpaid bills and brainwashed lunatics with families torn apart, but yes, let him traipse around the country and run for president. Scariest thing is even in the remote chance he is convicted and serves a well deserved and long time coming moment behind bars he could still win the ridiculous electoral college. Savour that thought. Tim W

Anonymous said...

Just realized I didn't even mention CNN! Well must be due to its rapid decline into irrelevance. Tim W

Keith said...

Here ya go.