Wednesday, June 14, 2023

The Real Fargo.


Doug Burgum, the pride of Fargo North Dakota and the state's current governor, is running for president.

Burgum, who made his fortune when he sold off his regional software company to Microsoft for a 'B' number back in the days when that actually meant something, is running as a 'good government' Republican who eschews all the culture war stuff.

Which, of course, is a crock given that, as governor,  Burgum has signed off on laws banning abortion after six weeks, gender transition care, and the discussion of LGBTQ issues in schools. 

And, while he is no Jerry Lundegaard, when the going gets tough, Mr. Burgum knows how to play rough with those he perceives to be political enemies, sometimes with bizarre, unintended consequences.

The following is from a NY Times piece by Jonathan Weisman published last week:

...In 2020, Burgum clashed with the state House Appropriations Committee chair, Jeff Delzer, especially over the governor’s prized project, a new Theodore Roosevelt presidential library near the Burgum ranch in Medora, North Dakota. After the conflict, Burgum funded a primary challenger running as a “Trump Republican” against Delzer.

The challenger, David Andahl, died of COVID-19 before his name could be taken off the ballot — and won. Then local officials reappointed Delzer to the seat...


Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction and/or anything the Coen brothers could possibly come up with.

As for the real, real Fargo?...Thanks to that trigger law on abortions, North Dakota's last remaining women's health clinic has moved across the river into Minnesota... In other words, culture wars that target actual people and their bodies have real consequences...Was listening to Ramy Youssef on Maron earlier this week...Youssef pointed out that in many instances it is now easier for women to access a safe, medically supervised abortion in Saudi Arabia than it is in many 'triggered' US'ian states.



e.a.f. said...

It isn't funny when people die. In this case I can't help but laugh. Its like some of the scenes from Fargo a movie which I really, really enjoyed.

its surprising how such a small group of haters and religious nutbars can have such a profound effect on the lives of others.

About 40 years ago there was a movie staring Ed Asner helping a young american couple trying to get to Canada to avoid American game rules and their police

RossK said...


In this case, I actually wonder if the good governor from Fargo actually goes along with the haters and nutbars is because he knows that, in a far gone red state like North Dakota, he would be sent across the river if he did not and/or he would be primaried in the next election (which is what really scares these people).

RossK said...

Good point about the PAC's and lobbyists e.a.f.

But don't forget that it was the Wingnut Welfare Billionaires Club who built the base that the PAC/Lobby machinery now works and works and works but can no longer control...Thus, said base and the screamers on its edges can, essentially, 'primary' not just politicians but also corporations who don't stay fully on board the crazy train...Witness what has recently happened to Bud Light and Chick-fil-A.


RossK said...

And, to be clear, there really and truly is such a 'Club' that is funding new 'Institutes' every single day...