Friday, March 22, 2013

Is Mr. Cummins Now, Officially, A Zombie LINO Killer?


There was something interesting in the Angus-Reid poll released yesterday that I don't think anyone has mentioned yet.

And, no, I'm not talking about the 20 point spread between the Dippers and the BC Liberal (InNameOnly) Party?

Or the fact that Mr. Dix is leading by a wide margin in just about every category imaginable (except that one that we mentioned yesterday).


I was thinking about the thin blue line on the following month-by-month tracking summary:

Notice how the BC Conservative Party has not lost any ground in the last three months and is even starting to turn northward again as the red LINO line starts to trend south...

And if that BC Con support were to tick up another 3 or even 5 points as the tax-haters who previously succumbed to the LINO strate(r)gy start to pay attention to the message about Ms. Clark's faux budget from Mr. Cummins?


Given that the window for third party smear sites to do their thing will soon close...

I'm wondering if we just might be looking at a total eclipse of the LINO sun come May 15th?



Grant G said...

Christy Clark on radio goes full pretzel logic with a twist of bafflegab seasoned with a sprinkle of notional juice..

Enjoy the audio vault, it`s really funny, in a sad way.

North Van's Grumps said...

Found it, a graph showing the popularity of the Political parties leading up from 2007 to and after the November of 2009 election.

Now if only someone could take the two graphs and add it, merge it (Spock "poll" meld)...

Source: Provincial Voter Intention (Poll) Unambiguously Ambidextrous Adrian MacNair

scotty on Denman said...

I always thought anything over 6% for Cummins' party would hurt the BC Liberals. Always said defections from BC's most corrupt government would be toxic to Cummins, as he discovered. What he needs is votes that would have gone BC Liberal but for their condemnable breaches of public trust, not defectors who are culpable in those very same breaches.

Only the most partisan will hang onto the BC Liberals until the very end, meaning they'll wait until there's no hope of winning then jump to the only party that shares their neo-right perspective.

Always said Cummins would be smart to play possum; he's gonna get votes by default so why scare off potential support with ill-advised ruminations like his arcane views on homosexuality (he thought it would look conciliatory to express sympathy for those so afflicted)?

See BC Conservatives' tick upwards? those are erstwhile BC Liberal supporters who have finally conceded defeat but cannot bring themselves to vote NDP. My prediction (today): BCC will surely split the right-wing vote and maybe even win a couple seats (like Vancouver Point Grey) but will probably lose its leader in the election and be thereafter rife for take-over by somebody like Falcon.