Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Reporter Catches Gordon Hogg's Further Attempts To Twist The Dyble Report Into...

...A Logic Pretzel.

The reporter concerned is Alex Browne of the Peace Arch News.

And his name may be tugging at your memory banks because of this.

Regardless, here is Mr. Browne's latest 'catch':

...Asked in a prior interview for his reaction to views that (Premier Christy) Clark bears responsibility for the ('quick wins') document – and that there was a ‘culture’ of opportunism within the premier’s office that encouraged such strategy – (BC Liberal government caucus leader Gordon) Hogg said he believed (Deputy Minister John) Dyble’s review absolved Clark of direct involvement.

In fact, Dyble’s report says only that Clark, Yap and MLA Harry Bloy were interviewed as part of the review, and all “stated that they had never seen the draft strategy document or work plan until they were in the public domain.”...

Can you imagine if they all actually paid attention like that?

And, no, I'm not talking about Mr. Hogg and his ilk.


And, for the record, Mr. Browne also catches Mr. Hogg implying once again, despite all evidence to the contrary, that 'both sides do it'...Go read his entire piece for that.


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