Friday, March 29, 2013

What Do The Bogus Bollywood Awards And The Pacific Carbon Trust Have In Common?



It would appear that both enterprises (that are being fueled with the public's money) have engaged a public relations firm not named Wazuku.

First, from J. Fowlie's VSun piece a couple days ago:

...The Pacific Carbon Trust is a Crown corporation overseen by a government-appointed board. The board is chaired by Chris Trumpy, a retired bureaucrat who for years served as the deputy minister of finance.

The corporation’s CEO MacDonald also disclosed Wednesday that his organization hired a pair of firms — Laura Ballance Media Group and Wazuku Advisory Group — to help with its strategy on how to react to the audit...

And, second, from The Province's breathless coverage of the Bogus Bollywood ticket sales in late February:

Tickets for the first-ever Times of India Film Awards gala in Vancouver were “virtually sold out” within two hours of officially going on sale.

About 35,000 tickets for the April 6 awards ceremony at B.C. Place went up for grabs Friday morning at 8 a.m. — and by 4 p.m. only a few single tickets remained.

“I was — I have to admit — surprised at the actual amount of tickets that went so quickly,” said Laura Ballance, with Laura Ballance Media Group — the PR firm leading the North American media relations for TOIFA. “It was virtually sold out in the first two hours.”...

Imagine that!

But does 'virtually' sold out PR-speak mean that the Bogus Bollywood thingy is actually, for reals, really actually, you know, sold out?...More on that later.


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