Monday, March 04, 2013

The Apology That Christy Clark Did Not Make.


The following is a direct transcription of a portion of Ms. Clark's remarks to the media following the non-emergency/emergency cabinet meeting late Sunday afternoon:

"...I sincerely apologize for the language that was used in that document.

It's language that isn't...It just isn't worth repeating.

So, I think that when you make a mistake...When somebody in your organization makes a mistake...The right thing to do is to own up to it and to make right...Make it right.

And that's why I apologize, because we have to make it right..."

Again, please note what Ms. Clark did not apologize for...

First, she did not apologize for the (multicultural strategic outreach) 'document' itself.

Second, she did not apologize for the ethnic voter manipulation strategy that was contained within said document.

Third, she did not apologize for the fact that the document and the detailed procedural 'spreadsheet' that emerged later called for multiple members of her office to utilize government staff, government resources, and government data for BC Liberal Party purposes.

Instead, the only thing she actually apologized for was the 'language' in the document.


The video used to make the transcription above can be found here....It will be interesting to see how many media organs report this non-apology apology accurately...
Regarding the sub-header....Well....Two can play that Samuel Clemens game.



Don F. said...

It will be interesting when Kim finally figures out what exatly happened here!

James King said...

Pretty much what one would expect from a 'communicator' like Miss Christy. She can apologize for the language but she can't bring herself to realize that it's not the language that is the problem.
Since she was at the centre of this program - just like she was at the centre of the Liberal rat pack that 'used' ethnic mass transit to push the Paul Martin agenda at the Federal level. This stuff is just the same old same old all over again.
I don't know if she'll survive in the short term but she's clearly dine in the long...

James King said...

Hope you're listening to the puffmaster's moe and Colin show...Hansen sounds beaten and bruised and for once the Puffmaster stayed out of it.

I assume you've also seem Martyn Brown' personal climb down and condemnation of negative advertising in the Sun.

Will wonders never cease?