Thursday, March 14, 2013

This Day In Snookland (ctd)...The Dyble Limited Hangout Offers Up One More...



The Dyble report is out (there somewhere...Where the heck is the actual report, actually).

And it has apparently socked it to the two who have already been cut loose by Ms. Clark and the Wizards (i.e. Ms. Haakstad and Mr. Yap).

In addition, it comes down on Mr. Bonney, who had already gone out through the homebuilderish door, is likely all set to take his Segretti act out on the campaign trail anyway.

But the real story here....

Well, that would be, as Bob Mackin just reported, the fact that the 'documentation' that the Dyble hangout is based on will very possibly not be available until....Well....I'll let Uncle Bob himself tell you....


And where is  that Hogg report anyway?



Grant G said...

I have The Straight Goods on what Brian Bonney and his wife Monika Bonney have been up to..And Pamela Gardner..

Busy beavers writing letters to the editors..Letters David Black(Black press and refinery guy) was more than willing to print all over his chain of papers..

BC Liberal operatives pretending to be regular people, while on the BC Liberal payroll.


motorcycleguy said...

Yup, just like with my IPP FOI....postponement after due date will be shortly after the decision is made....but they sent a real nice letter saying how all the extra time will ensure they do a good job for me.

North Van's Grumps said...

Just how did the Dyble and his fellow inquisitioners gain access to 10,000 documents so quickly without having to go through privacy regulations laid down by the BC Liberals?

Secondly, if the new government is looking for more funds that are not on the books, then they should take Premier Christy Clark's words to the Treasury because she "said that the Liberal Party has issued a $70,000 cheque as a good faith payment to make up for any party work done on government time. If the comptroller general subsequently finds that the actual amount is greater, that amount will be paid in full she said.

That promise, will be kept, and it will bankrupt the BC Liberal Party at the same time.

If it takes a leaked memo to discover that they have been caught with their hands in the Cookie Jar...., more than once, then why not claw back the money that was paid from our Treasury to Christy Clark's Campaign Manager where he secured a $10,000 a month retainer.

RossK said...


Why doesn't the decide....errr...'Leader' agree have her party pay us back the Twelve Freaking Million for the Bogus Bollywood Bash that no doubt sprang from this strate(r)gy?

North Van's Grumps said...

Perhaps you know the answer to the next question.... The $70,000, on what basis, factors, was that number picked?

70 $1,000 7 $10,000 7 weeks @