Monday, March 04, 2013

Leader Of The BC Liberal Party Caucus Says..."When The Going Gets Weird The Weird Turn...



Then, apparently, once both probes are complete the good Mr. Hogg will decide whether or not he still supports the giant lead-winged albatross around his, his party's, and this province's neck.

Or some such thing.

In other newsish news....Mr. Yap is stepping aside during investigation(s?)...He wasn't even Minister when the memo was written...In fact, based on the cynicism  and the 'language' of the memo itself, some might even wonder if Mr. Yap was actually appointed because of it....


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cfvua said...

In any of this, has anyone in this sorry bunch considered putting as much effort into handling the affairs of taxpayers as they have into ridiculous vote buying foolishness? The fact that good governance will get you re-elected is being missed and has been for the last 12 years.