Thursday, March 14, 2013

Latenight In Snookland...Bye-Bye 'NW


Originally, it was just the Water-Carrier-In-Chief, Mr. Good, whom I avoided like the plague.

But I just heard Sean Leslie's pathetic 11pm report in which he allowed the the Multiethnic Voter Information Manipulation Strate(r)gy of the BC Liberal Party to be falsely equated with Bill Bennett's turd-smeared swill screams regarding the NDP's use of constituency funds.

And I'm not exaggerating.

So, that's it...

I've had it.

CKNW is entirely dead to me now.

I will no longer use their stuff or link to it.




Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I never listen to CKNW and as far as Sean Leslie is concerned it's easy to see by his comments on twitter he is nothing more than a Liberal troll. Another individual who gives journalism a black eye.

Guy in Victoria

Chris said...

On the bright side, if the premier is tossed out and lands back at her old job ... you never have to write about her again either.

God, you're good.

kootcoot said...

Billy Bob Bennett was just on Daybreak South on CBC Kelowna, the show that saves us from having to put up with the Cluffmaster. Though Chris Walker wasn't exactly lobbing softballs, it seemed as if he really didn't actually have any awareness of the actual issues and let both "Christy's exoneration via Dyble" and the "even worse kickback scheme by the NDP" go unchallenged by simple facts.

Actually, since Bennett most likely wasn't speaking from the Legislature itself (I would assume, since they already did their 19 days for this year) I would think the things he said about Dix and the NDP would actually be actionable. We know that the NDP were acting on instructions of the Ledge official in charge of such matters who also administered the fund (which Billy Bob called "secret")and the AG's concerns from the draft report were withdrawn once the use of the funds was made clear.

Now I have to listen to the CBC Ledge Guys like Stephen (not so smart or unbiased) talk about how "thorough and damning" was Dyble's so-called investigation of one leg of a three legged stool. I consider the LIEberals a lower form of matter than another kind of "stool."

G West said...

Ross: I think there's something a little more insidious going on here. I suspect you didn't hear Martyn Brown, Norman Spector and David Schreck on Victoria CBC this morning...however...

IT isn't just Sean Leslie who's trying to create a moral equivalency between the NDP and the Liberals over ethnicgate...I think this is the received wisdom for Liberals going into the election. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to see Norman Spector's idea (quickly parroted by Martyn Brown) of appointing a special prosecutor to look into BOTH programs as a way of getting the whole sordid matter off the front pages (I know you'll remember how the Campbell Liberals used a similar tactic with respect to Basi Virk when that case was still sub judice.)

They're desperate to get this mess off the front pages and Bill Bennett's performance in question period yesterday - standing in for the premier 75% of the time - which amounted to repeating the script Sean Leslie was reading from - gives the game away.

West End Bob said...

Ahhhhh, such sweet music (Uke, maybe?!? ;-)) to my ears, RossK!

After years of trying to get you off the cknw swill-waves (It's kinda like quitting smoking, tho: You have to come to the decision yourself for it to work.) you are gonna take the plunge - GREAT!

You will not miss 'em one bit - I sure haven't!

Time to put this down on the interwebs calendar for posterity! You're leaving that sinking ship just in time, too. 'Ole Chipmunk Cheeks is gonna need another gig come May 15th and no doubt she'll be back on air talkin' 'bout her mammary glands or the ex's member performance issues or some other such codswallop.

A beer to celebrate on our next meet-up is definitely in order . . .

motorcycleguy said...

I go there every once in a while, but am sure to make note of what companies are advertising...if I need a product I am sure to buy it elsewhere...and equally sure to send a short note to the CKNW advertiser that lost my business

Ian said...

Wednesday night in Victoria, in a popular bar near the Leg, Stephen Smart and Shaun Leslie raising a few with their close buddies, the Liberal Communications team. Probably crafting the story you refer to.

RossK said...

Re: The SP looking at 'Both Sides Do It'...Isn't that what Mr. Hogg suggested also.

And to think, I actually once had some respect for that particular BCL caucus member.

Thanks all.


paisley said...

What took you so long RossK. I gave up patronizing that bias station about 15 years ago. Admittedly I do tune in occasionally to hear what kind of crap they are spewing to reinforce my position. Though I do pay attention to who the advertisers are so I can avoid buying anything from them as well. If I participate in a poll the station gets a zero listening/viewing rating right along with Glowball and CTV. If I do tune in or watch any of these it's rarely if ever on the net. Now I just have to ditch my internet account I have with Shaw.

RossK said...



I still like to listen to Mr. Russell...But even that will soon be gone (again).

Anonymous said...

I was listening to CKNW this afternoon and they were slagging the NDP regarding the use of funds for outreach programs. But there was no mention of the fact that the NDP checked with the solicitor general's office to make sure what they did was above board. An incredible omission! It shows they are either incompetent or biased. Take your pick.

RossK said...


Clearly biased.

Because they, themselves have run said report separately.