Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Will The 'Evidence' Collected In The Dyble Investigation Be Worth The Paper It Is NOT Printed On?



Update Late Tuesday....I have not hacked into The Dean's IBM Selectric, nor was I given an oral report on his latest copy in advance.....Promise.

The next 'step' in the Dyble 'investigation', as noted by Global TeeVee's Jas Johal:


This thing is a farce of a farcicalistic far-far-far gone farcistude wrapped up in an electric farcking blanket composed of clanging frying pans filled to bursting with fermenting fareces on the full boil.

Or some such totally ridiculous thing.

Because the whole point of this oral offal of an office policy instituted by the (not)Premier and her minions is that it produces NO reliable record of anything.

In fact, in the case of the Boessenkool investigation, this is something that the Information and Privacy Commissioner has already established beyond a shadow of a (farce-free) reasonable doubt.

Thus, any and all hearsay that Mr. Dyble  manages to collect will be irrelevant in the extreme.

Or worse, depending on how such hearsay is subsequently packaged and flung back at us by the (not)Premier, her shillophants, and her surrogates who will simultaneously keep on saying that 'everybody does it'.

Which is why all this farcimonious codswallop that is being ladled out, non-stop, by the (not)Premier regarding the importance of this anti-investigation must be first derided for what it is, and then it must be completely ignored, no matter how upstanding a guy Mr. Dyble, a guy that was appointed by, and owes his job to, the (not)Premier's pleasure, is.

And there must be a real investigation.

By a special prosecutor with full and unfettered subpoena powers, and who is not linked to the BC Liberal Party in anyway, to get at ALL the documentation that does exist, including non-governmental Emails.

And if it turns out that the police officers that do the prosecutor's digging, officers who must not be linked to the BC Liberal Party in anyway, determine that anyone was transferring personal data and information that was collected under the auspices of official government business, as is very, very strongly suggested by the actual, non-farcical documentary evidence already at hand in both the  'Multicultural Strategy' and the 'Embrace BC' cases....


Then that person or persons should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

And if they are found guilty of wrongdoing they must NOT be indemnified to the tune of six million dollars or even 1 six millionth of the (now) farcical penny.


And, honestly, given all this oral offal, how do we know that the collection of personal data by the government followed by an apparent transfer to BC Liberal party databases  has not been occurring as a result of other initiatives that were hatched in the (not)Premier's office...Initiatives like, for example, all those Women 4 Christy events....Or the 'Mommy Blogger' thingy, wherein citizens are actually being told that anything they leave on the site could be funnelled to government databases as Laila discovered?....Seriously, how would we know that wasn't the case?....Because Christy Clark said so?...Or, perhaps the Elevator Runner (watch video till the end)....Please....Don't make me laugh that hard right before bedtime...



Anonymous said...

Government by infantile regression, Ross.

I'm pretty sure her dept started out with Apple IIe's, then realized that 64k of memory was a waste of money. So they moved on to Magic Boards (a mere $3.99 - no...$4.00 now because of the penny-cide).

Sheesh, I'm surprised they weren't using Magic Decoder Rings in that office...guess none of them's seen A Christmas Story.


RossK said...



Now that I think of it...

How do we know they're not?

Using magic decoder rings I mean.


kootcoot said...

"By a special prosecutor with full and unfettered subpoena powers, and who is not linked to the BC Liberal Party in anyway"

I know you must realize that this is also a waste of time and legal fees. To the BC liaRs, the Special in Special Prosecutor only means there has to be a "special" relationship between the S.P. and the BC liaRs or the person(s) being investigated - see Bernadino, the S.P in the Heed case, the Les case.

Of course if the Special Prosecutor isn't effective enough in whitewashing the issue, then just assign an (oh so)Special Judge, as in Annie Mack.

I begin to feel that pitchforks or more advanced implements are rapidly becoming the only answer to the ongoing crime wave we call our provincial and federal governments!